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Been watching the RHNY episode that aired June 12th. She's a rich, arrogant bully. Plain and simple. She does not wear success well. She's loud and honestly, not attractive at all. Must be the money that gets her men. I've been watching RHNY since day 1 when she was a struggling chef, selling her margarita in grocery stores by herself like a sample lady at Sam's. Great for her success but why all the misery???

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Somebody please report what happens in tonight's show. 

For some reason my cable is not receiving Bravo.

Thank you!

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She had a horrible childhood, and I think she’s mentally ill.  She has a lot going on in her head that bubbles out to the surface. She’s been in therapy for years. She seems to abuse everyone verbally and emotionally. She has had a successful career but she just doesn’t seem happy at all. She seems to have a tortured soul. 

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I have come to the conclusion that she is a unhappy, miserable and mean person. I feel sorry for her daughter.

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I like her and understand that she's a  great mom with a very well adjusted daughter.

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@countrylady wrote:

Somebody please report what happens in tonight's show. 

For some reason my cable is not receiving Bravo.

Thank you!

Here's the lo down:  Soon after Bethenny's outburst at Luann she was led away from the table to calm down.  Thereafter she returned and made an apology to Luann about losing her mind and flying off the handle. 


Luann was shown in a recording studio singing a couple of new songs.  One was about JOVANI.  Too funny.  Dorinda who used to be an aerobics instructor in the '80's, got together all the girls for an 80's style aerobics class for charity.  They all came in their leg-warmers and headbands, etc...Silly stuff.  Tinsley's dog was diagnosed w/cancer and the outcome of the dog's treatments was not successful.  She had a very bad breakdown and I felt for her, but honestly she is very childlike.  And she's 43!!


Barbara is still hanging in and trying to be part of the group.  The others are trying to be more accepting of her, but all seems very awkward.  Ramona is Ramona, man crazy as usual and missing what she had w/Mario.  Sonja was back to being her free wheeling self and the voice of reason after her meltdown last week. 


And that's it in a nutshell.

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To JellyBEAN:  Thank you very much!  I was wondering what was going to happen to Bethany after her screaming scene.  Before my cable lost Bravo, I heard there were only two more shows, so now one show is left. 

Not a very eventful year for these Housewives [and no

one is married].

Again, thank you!

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She has these meltdowns all the time, season after season. It’s what she gets paid to do. Pure drama. She is very good at screaming like a banshee, IMO. 

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Here's what I don't get. She did all that screaming at Luann re not showing enough ongoing concern about her boyfriend's passing yet within only a couple of weeks after he died she was going up to Boston to spend the weekends with somone else she was already seeing. It's my opinion that she relied on him (the boyfriend who passed) more for financial advice, personal advice, friendship, having a male figure in her daughter's life, a shoulder to cry on and lean on....all that more than a romantic love relationship. But now that he's gone she plays it out to make it sound like he was the great love in her life. And perhaps he was, but again I think not romantically like she would lead one to believe.

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@shaggygirl    You are exactly right.  Bethanny doesn't care for anyone but herself.