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Tonight is the season finale.  Looks to be interesting.


i think Rachel is a very talented 👩‍🍳 chef, but someone who should never drink alcohol.  It’s awful for everyone when she drinks.

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Re: Below Deck Season Finale

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They've shown alot of intoxicated people  on the show , but Wow she was something.

It came out that she had been a contestant on that modeling  show ... America's top  model   .

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Re: Below Deck Season Finale

@Skatting22 @I believe she said it was America's Next Top Model with Tyra Banks


She is definetly scary when drunk! 

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Re: Below Deck Season Finale

I watched this last night.  It seemed to drag on forever.  Like the entire season, it seemed they had very little content and dragged it out.  It could have been done in half the time.  I did think it was pretty funny when James couldn't stop smiling when Elizabeth got fired....he dodged a bullet there. 


One thing I wonder about is how they were not showing the crew out at bars.  They would show them out to dinner and then returning to the ship, never going out after dinner.  Wonder if they were not allowed to go out because of the problems last season, or if they just weren't showing them going out.


Francesca and Eddie were on WWHL last night, but I only watched 1/2 of it.  Nothing really happened.  There is going to be a reunion, and Andy says the "cake" celebration comes up. 

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Re: Below Deck Season Finale

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I knew last week when they said this week was the finale but they kept saying there were 2 charters left, that something happened.  I didn't realize they had to cut the season short due to Covid.  


I thought it was an odd episode.  It seemed like a lot of filler since they just sort of had to end the season and leave.


@travone , I mentioned in another thread how they weren't shown drinking in bars as well.  Not sure if they weren't doing it or just weren't showing it.    

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Re: Below Deck Season Finale

It was interesting going back to last March and hearing about the virus.  The first round of closures were being announced and were to be 2 weeks.  Here we are 11 months later and still locked down.  I'm not sure any of us could of expected that at the time.


The last episode was pretty lame.  I noticed when they all sat down in the main salon it was very light outside and when they finished the short talk about shutting down, it was very dark outside.


The reunion should be interesting next week.  I'm interested in hearing how they all got home, how long it took and what they had to do once they got there.



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Re: Below Deck Season Finale

I enjoyed the season but not as well as others in the past.  I liked Francesca but thought she was a little bland for reality TV and I don't think she had a strong authoritative voice (for the most part) when dealing with Elizabeth.  Glad to see Elizabeth go.  The girl is 30 and lacks self awareness and common sense.  I thought Rachel was an amazing chef but I wouldn't want to work with her.  I found her annoying when sober and DEFINITELY when drunk.  It was nice to see Eddie get a promotion and I wept right along with Captain Lee.

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