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Re: Below Deck Med

@LipstickDiva wrote:

What an embarrassing group.  The owners of the yacht arranged for what should have been a nice day in Monaco and most of them acted like a bunch of ill-mannered buffoons.  Aesha was absolutely classless with her dancing and rubbing herself and I don't even know what to say about Travis.


However, talk about scripted and fake.  Why would they practically carry Travis into that nice restaurant?  He needed to go back to the yacht in his condition, not taken to a nice dining establishment.     

Perhaps it was in his contract he had to film that scene?  LOL!!   These people literally get paid to be drunken morons.  I have heard numerous times that production really adds booze to almost every situation they can, they want people wasted for these reality shows.

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Re: Below Deck Med

I didn't care for the episode....especially the crew behaving like idiots in Monaco.  I was embarrassed for them.  I still think Anastasia was part of a script and it's continuing with the sudden deteorization of her meals.  I mean who wants to eat the truffle french fries after your lamb burger is mostly eaten???  Well, OK, I would but that's not how food service is done for a chartered yacht.  


Next week looks like it starts to get really interesting.  

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