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Wonderful, happy movie.

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@godi wrote:

When I was a kid we had a neighborhood movie theater and they were showing this movie. After about a half hour the movie stopped the lights came up and we all heard arguing in the back of the theater.  Well my friends mother was standing in the back and didn't like what she saw and made them stop the movie. She had them call the police and said they were showing porn. Needless to say I never got to see this movie in it's entirety, I think it's time I see it. Thank you @Jordan2 



You brought up a memory. Every year my parents took us to New York City and we always saw the Radio City Christmas Show or the Easter Show. We all enjoyed it.  Watching the Rockettes and different shows was a change of pace for us kids and spending the day in New York City. 


WELL, they showed previews of upcoming movies. So we sat through some previews and then they showed a preview of a movie. The two main actors were teenagers and having an enjoyable time in bed with one another and naked. I looked over at my Mom, you could clearly tell how she felt. And I can bet my Dad heard about it loud and ckear from her. That was the last time we ever went to the Radio City Music Hall to see any of their shows.

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Does anyone remember the Barefoot In The Park television series?   I don't believe it ran very long.   It was on in the early 70's.   


I couldn't tell you anything about the show but I do remember that I watched it and liked it.  

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Did it have an African American couple playing Paul and Cory ( like Scoey Mitchell?).