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Backyard Envy

Does anyone watch this show on Bravo? I think its really good. Its nice to see a show that takes place outside instead of the usual indoors shows on HGTV  Smiley Happy  Hoping it comes back in the new season.


Three men who are best friends and business partners make up the team of the Manscapers, an exclusive exterior design and high-end landscaping firm. These partners reimagine outdoor spaces and help their clients turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. In each episode, they hatch a plan to do a full outdoor renovation, from rooftop to backyards. They juggle tight deadlines, multiple clients, and each other as they transform barren spaces into jaw-dropping escapes.
The Manscapers will tackle outdoor spaces from rooftops to backyards, in the suburbs and beyond.

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Re: Backyard Envy

@CherryHugs  I've never seen it but it sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing about it.

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Re: Backyard Envy

I LOVE - I MEAN LOVE that show.

So much so that I emailed them to TELL the 3 of them how much I enjoyed it.

Mel wrote me back!


I told them to please let me know if they ever come to Philly....


I watched them TRANSFORM the row-home patios in Brooklyn into something MAGICAL and would love their take on getting something GLORIOUS for my slab of patio in Fishtown (Philly neighborhood) 


Mel said she'd definitely be in touch if they got down here!!!


I think that show really did BREATHE new life into BRAVO.  I'm glad someone else liked it as well. They have MAD SKILLS!!!

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Re: Backyard Envy

@Koyes I love it too, did you see the Mexican restaurant they had to landscape? They had to order all these palm trees. I didn't know you can grow palm trees in NY, thought the cold winters would kill them. It was so nice what they did. Wish they would come out here in Az. whole different plants. 

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Re: Backyard Envy

@sissel; YES the Mexican resturant episode was CRAZY GOOD.  Imagine the upkeep of those palms and all the other plants. I was absolutely amazed at how they found them (yea, in NY of all places) how they got them there and then had to move them into place. 

It was a huge undertaking. 

I told my husband I want to go to NYC to check a few of their locations in public buildings for myself...the atriums in some of the high rises were also fabulous.


I wish my space could be MEL-ified!!!!