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The preview for the reunion looks great.   I think at this point Ashton's yachting career will be very limited.   Even after hiring a PR firm he still hasn't apologized for his behavior and has had ample chances. Kate emailed with his mother for a year after the overboard incident.   Ashton's behavior in the van was really out of line considering this.   In fact his mother has not condoned or supported his behavior that night.   She confirmed on social media that she is friends with Kate and danced around Ashton's behavior by saying he's her son and she loves him. 

Ashton goes after Kate at the reunion and then takes a nasty jab at Captain Lee.   This doesn't look like it goes over well with the rest of the crew.  The reunion was filmed about a week ago so Ashton, Kevin, Tanner were well aware of the public's perception of them.  It looks like it should be a good 2 hour finale!
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I pretty much hated this whole season and If Ashton or Kevin are ever asked back, I will not be watching (and this is my favorite show....or it was until this season). 


Kate hinted in her confessionals that she is ready to move on and it was very apparent (even last year) that she is just kinda "over it".  I've read interviews and listened to podcasts this past week where she is still strongly hinting that she is done and ready to move on to other things.  She may have other offers that she is entertaining but, personally, I just don't see her giving up the money of reality TV and all the extras (appearance fees, etc.).  


I am more than ready for the 2-part  reunion, however.  I didn't watch WWHL last night but apparently they showed a clip of Ashton knocking Captain Lee's and Kate's prior yachting experience.  It sounds like that kid still hasn't matured any.  

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The episode with Jemele Hill had the worst language I've heard from Captain Lee.  Color me surprised.  And disappointed.  And grossed out.


This crew was bad and boring.  I usually like Kate but she shouldn't have wasted one minute on Tanner.  


I tried to watch the new show with the sailing.  Didn't keep my interest but I'll give it another try.  

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Sometimes I watch the behind the scenes episodes where they put up blurbs by the production crew about other fun facts that were going on and things about the cast of the show and sometimes they answer questions. 


On one of the behind the scenes episodes a question was asked about both Kate and Hannah. Specifically if either of them ever get mad about stuff going on on the boat with guests or castmates, and take it out on the production crew.  They said never with Hannah.  When asked about Kate they declined to answer.  So that was their non-answer answer.         

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Just remembered how Kate "quit" before and then they portrayed it that she was practically begged to come back. The first season after she was back she was acting like it was all just for the show and she wasn't a bona fide chief stew.  Then she sank back into her role again like before.  So perhaps she's trying to repeat that so she can feel more important. However based on Andy's behavior with some OG housewives, I don't know if that would happen.

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@jellyBEAN wrote:

The final episode was anti-climatic.  I kinda wish Kate was foolish enough to hook up w/Tanner because she was so mean this season.  Even the charter guests picked up on her RBF and stand-offish behavior.  It was sort of the boys against the girls this season.  I didn't really get the whole 'exotic' cake thing.  Did the guest request a risque cake like that?  She wound up going to her room before it came out.  The other women there appeared to not know anything about it.  I don't blame Kevin for being embarrassed.


They were sort of a forgettable cast.  I don't know that we'll see any of them again except for Kate and maybe Ashton and of course Captain Lee.


I'll be watching the reunion but I hope Andy doesn't focus on Kate Kate Kate the entire show.  She's not all that.

Yes-primary guest requested cake.