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I started watching this show (season 1 on Prime) and I love it.  It is French subtitled.  Raph is a policewoman and Astrid is her sidekick who helps her solve crimes with her brilliant mind. I am touched by the kindness Raph shows towards Astrid.  I am also angered by the way some strangers react to Astrid's odd (but typical) autistic behaviors.  I worked with many autistic children and can relate.  The show is well done and tells  great stories.  These foreign shows are soooo much better than the junk that is shown on our prime time tv.  Check it out.

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I agree about the foreign shows being much better than most other shows on TV.  The reality shows are the worst in my opinion.  I saw that Astrid was on and meant to DVR the show.  Thanks for reminding me to do so.  

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I binged Season 1 and now watching Season 2 - Loving it ♥


Hubby has worked with Austistic kids for years, so I find it extra special.

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LOVE THIS SERIES! I just finished watching season 2.  Heart