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While on YouTube today, came across some art work called Zentangle.  The more I watched a woman today, the more I realized, I had colored in some of this art in those coloring books for adults a few years back.  I have mine and the the pencils, which I preferred.  As a kid in school, I use to doodle while I listened to the teacher talk.  It's kind of like what this Zentangle is about.  Only these people are really good!!!!  It's a calming thing to watch, as people draw, and the music background.  This woman has a soothing voice too.  She's a true artist.  It is really relaxing and enjoyable to me.  


So if the trials and tribulations of a day has you down, might I suggest this calm and comforting visual.  


If it's not your cup of tea, what visual relaxes you?

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Re: Art, drawing, coloring

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I have not seen the one you described but I do have a continuous DVD of a fireplace and sounds for winter, and another continuous DVD of water and the movements against rocks and so forth. They are relaxing to see but I do not play them as often as I used to.

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this is so funny ... but honestly, i could watch nail polish applications all day.  so relaxing!