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As I recall, I thought he had a gambling problem with the alcohol addiction. I don't think he was ever truly in love with Jennifer Garner. I think it was a rebound. I think he didn't do right by her. Jennifer Garner appears to be a genuine person. 


I heard Glenn Beck on the radio talk about having dinner with her. He said she was so nice and he didn't understand why she was treated so poorly by Ben. I am happy Jennifer has moved on and has her own life. Time will tell what happens with J Lo and Ben.

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He had a drinking problem way before he even got with J. Garner so he needs to shut up. He's getting a lot of backlash, apparently.

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This guy is such a tool it is unreal.  What a complete loser to place that on the mother of his kids...they will read that and hear that their dad blames their mom for his behavior.  Horrible.   These people just don't know how to keep their mouths shut.  

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Ben should never have made these comments to Howard Stern. We don't know what went on in their marriage, Jennifer was good to him, he makes it seems like it was her fault he was unhappy and drinking. Also his daughter is 16 years old, old enough to read these comments, he kept his mouth shut for so long, he should have continued to keep his mouth shut. 

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I wish Ben wouldn't have said all of that about Jen Garner! Its ok to say your marriage was over, and you both agreed to it, blah, blah, blah..But the article that I read made it sound like he was blaming Jen for their marriage not working! And that if he had to stay with her he would start drinking again.....


He didn't need to say all of that, it makes it sound like he was so trapped and poor me, if I stay this miserable, I am going to start drinking again! Another case of TMI. Even if he felt it was true-he didn't need to say it!


I hope Jen Garner finds happiness,she seems like a down to earth very sweet person and a really good mom!