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Re: Anyone watch Law and Order SVU last night?

As I suspected nothing was mentioned about Maxwell this week. Also looks like Olivia intends to do nothing with the tape Velasco gave her. Finn tried to find out what was going on with that but she basically shut him down


On Thursday's show the actions of the couple who was mentoring the debate team were deplorable. At the end of the trial it seemed like the man had realized the seriousness of what he put those young people through but his wife seemed almost obstinate refusing to admit to anything or apologize for her actions.




April is Autism Awareness/Acceptance month.
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Re: Anyone watch Law and Order SVU last night?


Sorry coming to this late, don't remember all the particulars of the episodes, but to answer the question posed by @Shelbelle@Tique@CANDLEQUEEN, and @elated, no failing to render aid is not a crime.


If it was a crime, all those officers in Uvalde would have been arrested.


If rendering aid is your job, and you don't do it, you may be "disciplined", including losing your job.  You may also get sued and have to pay money.  That is because you have a legal or contractual duty to render aid.


But, to the best of my knowledge, it it is not a crime for a person not to render aid or report a crime.  a regular person can witness a crime and not report it and that is not a crime.  Most people flee or look the other way.  If the person is subpoenaed to give testimony on what they witnessed, and they refuse, they may be held in contempt and pay fines or go to jail.  But that does not happen often.  If a person does not want to testify, they can cause damage to an investigation by giving false information, so it is rare for a prosecutor or defense counsel to force someone to testify about something they don't want to.  This is shown on these crime shows all the time.