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Anyone watch C-Span weekends?

I love it.  On the weekends, C-Span runs appearances by authors, they show classroom lectures from schools all over the country, and they feature a city or area of the country.


When they do an in-depth interview with someone, it can run for three hours.  And in the mornings they take questions, and most of the questions are thoughtful and answered sincerely.

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Re: Anyone watch C-Span weekends?

I have never see that, but thanks for bringing to my attention, it sounds like something I would enjoy.

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Re: Anyone watch C-Span weekends?

If anyone is interested, just visit and check out the TV schedule for C-SPAN, C-SPAN 2 and C-SPAN 3.  Generally speaking, the weekend schedule on C-SPAN 2 is focused on books and C-SPAN 3 is focused on history.

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Re: Anyone watch C-Span weekends?

Those in-depth interviews with authors can be riveting.  I also like the C-SPAN hosts that they choose for these assignments-  Peter Slen (I think that is his last name-- he has sharply etched features and straight unruly fine hair that can fall forward)--  is especially good at this, and fastidiously unbiased.