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Anyone ever see Elvis live in concert?

I've never posted to this forum before, but I was just flipping through TV channels and came upon an Elvis concert on PBS. I'm 57 years old and I just gotta admit, I loved Elvis. As a little girl I thought I would grow up, he'd see me, and want to marry me immediately. And then drat..... that dream spoiler, Priscilla, came along. HA!!!!!

I did see him in concert in 1973. I was in college then and had to jump through many hoops to make it happen. It included a four drive to get to the concert.....and I received a speeding ticket about thirty minutes into the drive. Call me a bit excited! After the concert was over, there was the four hour drive back because I had an exam the next morning that I just COULD NOT miss. It was all worth it. I so enjoyed the concert. I loved his voice. I loved him. And this many, many, many years later, it is such a sweet memory.