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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?


@NYCLatinaMe wrote:


I forgot!  When will they make Episode 2 available on demand?  I see Episode 1 is available now.

@NYCLatinaMe I see it On Demand now

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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?

I watched the first episode but didn't enjoy it. Mature women acting like giddy 20 year olds made me cringe.

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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?

This is not how dating is once you are back in the "game" after losing a husband!  I am sure there is the same amount of rehearsal here as Dancing With The Stars.  I do not watch but great commercials.  The lady with the basket of eggs just turned me off.

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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?

I am enjoying this Golden Bachelor. 


I haven't watched any of this nonsense for years and was bored the other

night with nothing to watch than I caught the repeat that was on Tues. night.


I like that it's only an hour show. This guy is pretty likeable.  It was silly when

they were all dancing at the burger place to Don't Stop Believin. I turned the

channel when the Paradise garbage came on after this show was over.








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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?

I watched the first episode and that's it. The women come off as so desperate. I don't know about you but I don't know any women who act like this around any guy. It's so phony. 

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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?

About a week prior to this one starting, I saw Gary doing an interview/story with his daughters talking about him being chosen to do this bachelor show. They talked in brief of his life from the time of being high school friends turned sweethearts and then marrying, having (if I recall) 3 daughters. How much in love they were living their best life and then the bottom dropped out. How sad it was that the girls and Gary lost the woman in their life, how tremendously sad it was. 


Gary also was on the Kelly and Mark show and we who happened to see that show got to know him a snippet more. 


I had to watch the first episode to then check out the women who are of my age group as is see who might be 'worthy' of him. These women were/are trying so hard and while I don't know any of them, none of them seemed to be even being themselves. They all looked horrible in the dresses they wore, boobs hanging out or almost, dresses were just ugly on each woman. I wouldn't have worn any of them. I'd have been more demour and not looking like right out of the gate 'giving' it all away in one fell swoop. That was my impression of them.


Yes I'm sure they were 'told' to whoop it up, make an impression, making a good enough to say to Gary pick me pick me. I supose there is one or two women in this bunch who could or would to really good for him, I would hope so anyway.


First or second impressions of this bunch of women don't deserve Gary. To me Gary seems to be quite a great guy to get to know, fall in love with to be with for the rest of years left to live. 

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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?

I thought because these women were over 60, that they would be more polished. When I viewed the first episode; the introductions, I saw so many women that looked desperate and way over the top to get Gerry's attention. I still peek at it from time to time to see who got the rose. 

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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?

I watched last night and many of these women either come off as sad and lonely or wanting their "15 minutes of fame!" 


The choreographed Diner scene was something directly out of "Grease." Cute, but corny!


The point where I changed the channel was the swapping of the deceased spouse stories. 


I already know who "wins" so I won't be tuning in again.

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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?

I watched the first two episodes. So far, I haven't seen a single one of the women who looks like a good fit for the Golden Bachelor. Hope the ladies settle down some. We'll see.


I'm sure they're directed to whoop-it-up, or they will get lost in the mix and won't get a rose. So they have pressure to perform. It's a big detraction and not realistic. 


This behavior has always turned me off and I have rarely watched in the past. But I'm glad to see the seniors for a change.


It proves that seniors still have some life left and having a loving partner is not only for the young. It's a need for all.


And, I can certainly relate to those who have lost a long term partner. It can lead to complicated, lengthy grieving, with triggers everywhere. 

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Re: Anybody watching Golden Bachelor?

Nope.  Not even remotely interested in those types of shows.