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I came in late to this show. My daughter was raving about it so I began some binge watching. I am enjoying the acting and the storyline. Kevin Costner does a fabulous job as the patriarch of the family. 

Anyone else a fan?

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I have not yet watched this series but have heard good things about it.  We have Netflix and I am planning to watch it soon.

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Count me in as a fan, too!  Can't wait for season 4!

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Love this series. Can't wait for the show to return. Last year's ending was eye opening and heart wrenching. So far no date when it will come back. 

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We just started watching it this week.  So far, I'm loving it.  I adore Kevin Costner.  


Keilly Reilly who plays his daughter is so good too.  

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Love Yellowstone. It's like Dallas on steriods. LOL. You have to get past the bad language. Definitely not a show to watch when the kids are around. Great cast.


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I like it but they are always kicking butt or killing people. 

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Great show! Definitely has rough language and subject matter. Real cliff hanger, from last season.

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I love this show.  I like a lot of the actors and the scenery is gorgeous.  I want to go to Montana every time I watch it!  Definitely one of the better shows on tv nowadays.

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We watched it, but by the time the next season comes around, I'll forget the whole story line!


The only thing I remember vividly is when they came upon a meth-lab blowing up. OMGosh the burn victim on the ground.   UGH!


And also that Rip, (dark haired, dark bearded) Rip is really a red head.  He's a grandson of Warner (Warner Bros. Studios).  Otherwise, why wouldn't they cast a dark haired, dark beareded actor for the part?  Although he is good!