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      FYI - 2nd season of 'Annika' starts tonight on PBS.   I liked the 1st season....looking forward to 2nd.

      Interesting show, very different format....

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Yes, I agree.  At first, in Season 1, I wasn't so sure I liked the "directness" of the main character talking to the audience.  Then I got used to it and decided i liked the series.  Interesting in  Season 2 how the daughter's biological father is revealed.  There was just a hint of it on the very last episode of Season 1.  I'm interested in how that thread in the story develops. 

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I really enjoyed last season and am looking forward to tonight.


No spoiler but tonight picks up right where last season left off...Annika has a secret that will likely be soon out of the bag so to will be interesting to see how everything is revealed.