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She was a great author. She had a great style.

Wrong is still wrong just because you benefited from it.
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I would say her time here on earth was well spent.  She was a wonderful author.  Even I read some of her books.

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I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't realize she was that old.

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That makes me sad.  Her family turned out to be a bunch of greedy vultures.

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Sad.  I always looked forward to reading her books.

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Re: Ann rule has died at 83

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To me she was one of the best, if not the best, true crime writer today!  She had such a talent for detail and depth into the life of a criminal, their family, victims and those who sought justice for all of them


The Stranger Beside Me, Dead by Sunset. Bitter Harvest, All She Ever Wanted,  Too late to Say Goodbye  and Never Let her Go were among my favorite.  In all  of those I cussed the crinimal and even the victim out with such abandon!!  Oh how I hated Tom Capano in Never let her Go.


I read them al,l and did the audio CD book, unabridged in the car.  I would be talking out loud to myself,yelling  driving along...hahahah..It always seems these narcissic, evil killers always have a victim  that never sees it coming.  Or the victim just puts up with one lie after another.  because the killer is so cunning.


Too Late to Say Good bye was made into a movie (tv) with Rob Lowe as the sleezy, murdering dentist.  Was he ever good.  It was a 2 part tv movie.  I thought the movie was good, not all the special detail you get in her books, but they did a good job.  I wanted to reach through the screen and smack him silly...and I love Rob Lowe, but boy he acted  his gorgeous face off in this one


Also dead By Sunset was a TV movie as well.  That one was excellent.  Dead BY Sunset is really scary and distrubing.


Did Ann Rule write a book Small Sacrifices, or was that someone else.  I haven't looked it up.  Farrah Fawcett did a prime job in that, she was supurb

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I love Ann Rule.  I think I read every book she wrote.  I am pretty sure she wrote SMALL SACRIFICES shoe kitty.  RIP.  LM

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 I started reading her tc books many years ago and became a fan right away.

I do think her best work was her earlier books, the later ones seemed hastily written, or not as well researched...

or something!


 I started reading M. Phelps true crime, which reminded me of early Ann Rule.


Look for a new AR book soon...maybe she had some unpublished work stashed!

RIP ann..

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I am also a fan and was sad to see that she had passed.  I knew she had been ill for awhile.


I actually wrote her a fan letter (email) many years ago, because I really loved her books.  She could tell a story, that's for sure.  She actually responded and I was thrilled.


Her website used to have updates on the people in the books.  I always thought it was interesting to read about where they were 10-20 years later.

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I too loved her books! I had no idea she was 83.. Very sad!