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(I hope I spelled this right)


I love the movie "The Three Amigos!" (my sister just rolls her eyes when I watch it--she thinks I'm an idiot and she might be right :-) )...and I never realized it's an homage to "The Seven Samurai" and/or "The Magnificent Seven). 


Now I can see all the references, and it cracks me up even more. 


Has anyone noticed that the actor who played the bartender in The Three Amigos! is named Fred Asparagus ("This town is getting too rough for me!")? I think he has subsequently died.


The actor who played El Guapo (loosely translates to Mr. Handsome or The Handsome One), Alphonse Arau I think is his name, is up there in years but still around, and he cleans up well. And he's a BIG star in Mexico.


So does Tony Pena, who played his sidekick ("Jeffe"?), who's still around too.



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@GoneButNotForgotten Aw, come on! I bet your sister doesn't think you're an idiot! Maybe just not a big fan of the movie Smiley Happy  She's probably got her own movie quirks as well!