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Darci Lynne was on Ellen today.  She sings better with her mouth closed than many of us sing with mouths opened.


She seems like a sweet young girl.

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It's been a long time but when my husband and I would take our 3 daughters to Canada and wanted to just walk through the casino we were blocked from doing it.


The guard (or whoever it was) told us they had to 21 years old to walk through there.  It was somewhere near the late 90's I believe.


Maybe Canada is different, maybe they've changed the rules.  I do know we weren't allowed to even walk through there.  We had to find another way to get to where we wanted to go (which I don't remember where it was then).  

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I thought the comedian Preacher Lawson was pretty funny when he mentioned Tyra. One of his jokes was he felt really bad but had to break up with his girlfriend because her forehead was just too high and he didn't want any children looking like that....then he said, sorry Tyra.  The expression on her face was priceless.  Another time he was sitting in her chair and she chased him out of there and that too was funny.  I think if both got together as an act it would be great and very funny.