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I love this show! So many things I love about it! I love the inside stories (the young guy who has a (forget the name) dog who's trained to notice when his diabetes gets too low, the guys who are in their 50's (they do a good job), the guy who has Alopecia (the auto-immune disease where you loose all of your hair), so many of them.

But what I love most is that they all root for each other. The one's that don't make it (the course) come back and root for the other's.

It's a fun show to watch. Anyone else watch this show?

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I am ADDICTED to this show--it is SO inspiring. I, too, like how supportive they all are of each other. It makes me want to try it (but I think it would be the death of me--LOL). I love that little 5" gal Casey besting all the guys--wouldn't it be awesome if she won it all??????

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kim, I have been watching her being interviewed by every show. She's so cute. She was asked if it bothered her the way her boyfriend climbed up to her and she said, "No way". She said he is a stuntman. She said they tried to get the safety net back up after she pushed the button but he was climbing faster than the net so they said, "He's a stuntman. He won't fall".

She said a lot of people thought he was going to ask her to marry him then. She said she knew he wasn't going to. I thought he was going to also. It looked like he was going to get on one knee. She said some people were angry that he didn't and some were glad because it would take away from her. She said she loved what he did.

She said she wanted to hear from the guy in Arrow because he said he's addicted to the show and is a "Ninja Warrior". Then it showed that he texted her and said "Game on". That was cute.

She said she'd like to become a stuntwoman but it was very, very difficult to become one. She said there are people who've lived in Hollywood for 10 years waiting to become one.

I hope she wins too. You should google their website It's interesting. I wanted to see who designed their systems.

The producer said that although men win the thing it does have things on there that give a smaller frame an advantage. He said that's why the average size Joe does so well (guys around 5'6 to 5'10 and around 150-165 lbs with a lot of upper body strength.

He said she could possibly win it. He did also say that these guys sit and watch other guys fall and it messes with their psyche. He said she was good that way because she competed (can't remember if it was ALMOST the Olympics or what, but on a high scale), so she could contain her nerves.

He said often their nerves get to them.

I hope you weren't bored. I just thought you'd get a kick out of the background stuff. I love anything to do with background on all of the people and shows I watch. Again, I hope I didn't bore you. (Me Smiling at you).