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On 3/13/2015 HisElk said: I've been missing your posts, unless you've been posting and I didn't see them. You can have Harry all to yourself; I'm more into Keith Smiley Happy

Glad to hear you are doing well; I started a thread in VP about my oldest son; he just bought his first house and I am so proud of him for all of his accomplishments. Things haven't come easy for him, but he's not a quitter.

Please post more often.

Congrats to your son! How exciting, and I know you must be very proud. You play a role in his accomplishments, HisElk, so congrats to you, too. I can tell you are a great mother. Really nice "catching up" with you. Hope you and your fam have a great weekend. :-)

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My faves so far are Jax, Quentin, and Joey. Lots of great talent this year. Of the three I mentioned above I think Jax is the stand-out. She has a wonderful range plus extraordinary stage presence. Edited to add that imo Jax's best song was "Bang, bang" the old Nancy Sinatra hit from the 60s.
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I didn't realize it was even on until a few weeks ago. I have tried watching a couple of times. I cannot get into this year. None of the young people stood out to me. It's just the same old thing. Same answers by the judges. Guess I am just tired of the show.

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The girl voted off was better than any of them. She didn,t fit their style.
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On 3/14/2015 qvcaddition said: The girl voted off was better than any of them. She didn,t fit their style.

If you're speaking of Sarina-Joi, she was the one contestant who had tried for something like 4 years in a row.

IMO, her performance wasn't good; as soon as she started singing, she sounded completely off key and it didn't get any better.

When they announced she would have to sing for the "save", we both figured the judges would not save her, although I think that performance was better than the other. It's too early in the contest for them to use their save.