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Re: All Things DAYS--APRIL 2022--Possible Spoilers

when I first came back to days after 25 years I was glad to see a lot of the same characters. I also had to get used to a lot of new ones. But the show got so rediculous that I only watched it occasionaly. They just keep going with the devil thing until it gets to the point of crazy. Someone commented about what do they want with baby. It made me think of a show that I consider one ot the scariest I have seen. Unlike those where you can never kill the freak this one is more like the Omen. It was called "The Storm of the Century" based in a small new england area. The devil showed up and all heck broke loose. What he wanted was the children. He reallly onlly wanted one in particular but made whole town meet and either give him oup or else. Well I wont tell anymore in case you watch it. It is hard to find  may have to order it.  The ending is very disturbing cause there you find out what he wanted with child.

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Re: All Things DAYS--APRIL 2022--Possible Spoilers

I have to say that I think Allie has done a better job of playing the devil than Marlena or Johnny. In fact she plays the devil better than she plays Allie in my opinion. Maybe there's a future for her in playing bad girls.

I loved when she rolled her eyes today when Ciara was talking about how since she and Ben had such a strong connection that she would know if he were really gone. When Ciara talks like that I want to roll my eyes too.

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Re: All Things DAYS--APRIL 2022--Possible Spoilers

I just remembered something. Didn't Andre, before he turned to ashes (yes!), turn Ben back into a killer? The way he ran out after that to Ciara I forgot about it, but now I'm wondering if he's secretly going to kill again. I only hope that's not the case. And if it is, how does he get this curse off himself-exorcism? But if he's doing it all in secret, he's not going to ask for help. Just don't go there, DAYS. Puleeeeeze.

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Re: All Things DAYS--APRIL 2022--Possible Spoilers

I dont think Andre has the power to do anything like that, he is working for Devil, but he is not carrying his powers. 

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Re: All Things DAYS--APRIL 2022--Possible Spoilers

uh the last scene with Ciara in the car   did you  notice her Grocho Marks eyebrows? lol

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Re: All Things DAYS--APRIL 2022--Possible Spoilers

So, I would like to know:


1.  How many times are Jack, Jen and Abby gonna ask Gwen if she really killed grandma Laura???

2.  How does Gwen know grandma Laura anyway??  When did they know each other???

3.  How did grandma Laura die???


As soon as I remember the question I really wanted to ask, I'll be back....  I wanted to get the trivia out of the way first - and then the real question - but I forgot what it is..... Oh well, maybe toDAY's show will stir it up....




BTW - I am really getting to like Abby lately.  She is more assertive.....  Jack annoyed me yesterDAY - almost like he was gonna believe Gwen.