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Albert Finney, 82, RIP.

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One of the best. RIP

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RIP Albert Finney.

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The pity and the sorrow....another beautiful ghost on the screen

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This really dates me but I remember seeing him for the first time in Tom Jones. He was such a handsome, charming, devilish rake.

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If you are a fan of Mr. Finney's work then most likely you have seen Saturday Night and  Sunday Morning.  The 1961 British film was his first lead role.  The story is set around low income working class life in London.  Finney's character is a factory worker who considers himself to be something of a freewheeling bachelor in his free time.  He becomes romantically involved with a married woman and bleep happens.  The plot and the fine actors delivering the script with memorably excellent peformances is the show here.  If I were a movie critic who makes up all-time best or my favorite movies Saturday Night and Sunday Morning would definitely be on my list.  

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Oh, my, I had no idea.  Such a wonderful actor.  Like @Trix (and thank you for that reminder of the great work of which he was capable), I associate him with that blossoming of English cinema that so enriched the film world from the mid-twentieth century on.


So agree with the comments here.  He could be convincingly swashbuckling, all the way to agonizingly introspective!  RIP.

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Loved him in Two for the Road with Audrey Hepburn and William Daniels.

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Re: Albert Finney

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He starred in one of my all time favorites: "Two for the Road" with Audrey Hepburn.  I loved the final line:  "You b**ch; You b**t**d" ( said with love).