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I am so sorry to hear this!


Condolences to his son Adam and the rest of his family. A long life is often never enough for those who are left behind.


I also loved Catch-22 but Sunshine was my favorite.



Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty Images) Father and son Alan and... News Photo - Getty Images

@just bee what a beautiful picture which clearly shows how much father and son love each other. Thank you so much for posting this!!

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I enjoyed him in "The Russians are Coming!  The Russians are coming". He was a talent.  

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My favorite...The In-Laws


@MamaWick - Me too.  The In-Laws. Soooooo good. Sooooo funny.

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In memory mourning candle light vector background.

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My sister took me to see Wait Until Dark when I was a young kid. I was forever impressed that Alan Arkin was a creepy bad guy and never intentionally watched anything he was in.  I think I may have seen The In-laws and I remember him from Argo, but that's it, I think. He had a very full career. 

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Loved him in Little Miss Sunshine.  RIP Mr Arkin.

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Re: Alan Arkin dies at 89

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A great actor who had a very successful career on Broadway and in the movies.


My favorite and to me one of the funniest movies of all time The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming.  Seldom shown on TV but I love that movie and his role in it.



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Loved him in a little movie called Indian Summer, it is one of my favorite all time movie's, about a groups of adults who are invited back to their sleep away camp, he plays the camp owner

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Fabulous  actor, he did 2 seasons last few years on Kominsky Method,he was wonderful and great pairing with Michael Douglas. 

@Shelbelle , I really enjoyed that show...until he left; it just wasn't the same. His absence was certainly felt by me.

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@JeanLouiseFinch   Wait Until Dark was on Movies channel yesterday. I saw it originally in 1967.