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Arlene Dahl,  one of the last of the MGM contract players, has passed at the age of 96.  Her death follows those of fellow MGM alums Jane Powell and Dean Stockwell.  She is the mother of actor Lorenzo Lamas.5554f2cfe8487.image.jpg







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She was a lovely lady.

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@Johnnyeager,  I'm sorry to hear this.  You found great photos.  She was such a beauty, wasn't she, with that rich, redheaded coloring.  Also very animated, energetic (she also wrote beauty books, among other things) and just generally warm and charming.


Loved her and Van Johnson together in tense, exciting noir,  "Scene of the Crime".





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Oh, I loved her!  What beautiful memories she leaves with us.

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I only know her from Tattletales.  (!)  She and a husband, his name was Skip or Chip, they seemed like an odd pair.  He was much younger, I believer. But she was so elegant and reserved.  

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I remember her very well. She was always so proud of her son Lorenzo Lamas.

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Lorenzo made it very public that he also adored his long time step mother, Esther Williams.  He was lucky to have 2 lovely ladies like these in his life. 

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She was absolutely gorgeous in person.  I bumped into her at Saks Fifth Avenue many years ago in New York.  Nice lady and very tall as I recall.

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@Sage04 wrote:

I remember her very well. She was always so proud of her son Lorenzo Lamas.

Drop dead gorgeous when he's cleaned up.  When he's posing for GQ

not motorcycle show.