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Good description "intense" as @Goldie76  said.  She was the center of attention in all her scenes.  It made me kind of nervous to watch her,really.

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Tennessee Williams wrote the play "The Rose Tattoo " with Magnani in mind but her command of English was poor and not up to the demands of a Broadway run.  Maureen Stapleton originated the role.


By the time of the movie production Magnani had mastered English and the cinematic results are ours to enjoy!

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If anyone wants to look up her son, he is Luca Magnani. Plenty of pictures of Anna and Luca on websites.


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Anna Magnani was one of my all-time favorite actresses. "wild Is the Wind", "The Rose Tattoo", "The Fugitive Kind", and her most famous Italian picture, "Mama Roma" are my favorites. I always thought she was beautiful. Maybe not pretty in the Hollywood sense, but her beauty came from within.