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Is it just me, or did none of the acts really "WOW" tonight?



They all kinda sukked.




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Re: AGT 9/3

this season is really bad.nothing has wowed me.

Is it me but is every act  to GABRIELLE  is the best act she ever saw.has she ever

said an act was so least the others judges tell you when an act is bad.please get rid of her.

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Re: AGT 9/3

I agree no one act stood out. I fast forward through most of them. As Simon mentioned in a past episode we might have chosen the wrong acts to go through. I liked the African Choir, Robert Finley (which I agree with Simon last night, his voice is enough) and Kodi. I also liked that both Robert Finley and Benicio wrote their own songs.

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Re: AGT 9/3

Well, now is when they separate the wheat from the chaff.  I think some just made poor choices, but others don’t have enough variety to continue to “wow”.  Like the magician.  What was he thinking?  Was that his idea of “going big”?


I do like Benecio.  I think he has a tremendous talent, especially for one so young.  

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Re: AGT 9/3

I agree.  I fell asleep soon after the hot guys.  That little girl who sang in the wheat never should have been brought forward.  She is out of her league.  

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Re: AGT 9/3

I wouldn't be surprised if Kodi wins it all. He has talent and his story is so uplifting.

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Re: AGT 9/3

I think Kodi will win and deservedly so.  It's almost like he is a savant and I am really rooting for him.  Juding by the audience response, I think it is a done deal.


I really like those hot brothers - The Messoudi Brothers.  I think they really stepped it up.  Inviting Julianne for some participation and then performing these incredible strength/balance routines.  I think they will get a deal to perform in Vegas from one of the casinos.  Muy caliente.


I also like Robert Finley but I don't think he will win.  I hope he goes to the finals tho.  I never did think the comedienne was funny, not a big fan of choirs, I think the young violinist was overpowered by the background song, too many young kids for my taste.  It was a let down of a season. 

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Re: AGT 9/3

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I'm also not a fan of choirs/dancers/acrobats with casts of thousands.


I love the Messoudi Bros. - amazing strength, graceful and they ARE pretty took at. Heart


I've liked Ansley, but this was a bust.  Also Greg Morton (the voices guy).  Think he already used his best material.


Tyler, the young violinist, is incredibly talented, energetic and charismatic,  but not crazy about the song choices.  Maybe because I've been listening to David Garrett and Tyler could KILL The Pirate's Song.


LOVE Kodi, but prefer more familiar songs.  But considering the competition. he'll go through.  Also agree with Simon's assessment:  Kodi putS his unique signature on performances.


Liked Jackie Fabulous, but not her best performance.


Also love Robert Finley, and maybe it's just me, but an original song must be exceptional to make an impact.


Eric Chien was not my favotite magician this year and opinion hasn't changed.


Totally not a fan of light show people.  Seen one you've seen them all IMHO.


Benecio - again, talented, but not a fan of original music in an unkown. <shrug>


Yes, they can get rid of Gabrielle anytime - never thought I'd miss Heidi and Mel.





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Re: AGT 9/3

I'm getting so bored that I've been watching the results show just for the highlights.


As someone said, I like the famiiar songs that people sing and not their originals but that does show off their talent in writing so it's a 50/50 thing for me. 

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Re: AGT 9/3

We DVR the show.  However, after reading this thread, we decided to delete last night's show and will catch up tonight.


Out of all the seasons, the talent is not wowing us. 


And yes, I wouldn't be upset if Gabrielle doesn't come back.