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@mimomof4 wrote:

I was not at all surprised by who won. 


I was actually happy for some of the acts which did not win because I feel that being stuck with a Vegas contract actually wouldn't benefit them at all.  They were much better off being able to get the publicity on the show and getting contracts not associated with the show.



I agree that for Drake it would not have been a good career move to be stuck in Vegas with the AGT thing,  he can have his own career now.  I was glad who won but both the 1st and 2nd places both won AGT in their local country so I am not sure they should have won AGT US.

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I never watched the act that won. It will probably be good in Vegas. I was hoping for Chapel Hart , the comedian married to the older woman, or the young sax player. But so it goes. Chapel Hart will make it on their own. The comedian is going to perform on some venue with Howie . The young sax player reminded me of Clarence Clemons. I think they all have a future.