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🧡 ABOUT TIME movie (2013) 🧡

I just watched the movie About Time (2013)  (on DVD from Netflix).


What a charmer, and also quite deep.


It's about a father and son who can travel backward in time, and stars Domhnall Gleason, Rachel McAdams, and Bill Nighy.  


I don't want to say too much about it because part of the charm is discovering for yourself how delightful and charming it is, and how that charm grows throughout the movie.


Their home in Cornwall is so lovely, right by the sea, and is the stage for some of the sweetest scenes.


It's from the folks who brought us Notting Hill and Love Actually.


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Re: 🧡 ABOUT TIME movie (2013) 🧡

I saw it when it was in the movie theaters.  I really enjoyed it too.  Thanks for menitoning.  I think I will watch it again!

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Re: 🧡 ABOUT TIME movie (2013) 🧡

I loved this movie too. The acting is great.