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Any other fans of this show? I really enjoyed it and thought the ensemble cast was one of the best. So funny. Why am I not surprised - it's ABC. Boo. Smiley Mad

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Re: ABC's Schooled Cancelled

Seen this on many threads "Why am I not surprised, it's _______ (insert network here)"


Fox is also notable for cancelling a lot of shows.

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Re: ABC's Schooled Cancelled

Yes, I liked this show.  At 69, I am convinced I am odd.  Every year there is at least one show I have watched, liked very much and would talk about with friends and family gets cancelled.  I hope the Goldbergs remains for a few more years.  I love Beverly's sweaters, especially when she is wearing one just like I wore.  Also, seeing the things around her house, like I had, the bedspread.  For some reason by the end of this show I may have a tear or two! 🤞🏻

I can't figure how the TV networks can tell how many people watch, with all the ways to watch a TV show these days.  

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Re: ABC's Schooled Cancelled

I didn't get hooked on Schooled. I guess I really didn't give it a chance because there is just too much other stuff out there to watch.  But I do hope the lead actress and the other actors end up back on the Goldbergs (if it is renewed). I grew up in the 80s and enjoy the Goldbergs. I also can't believe how closely the story lines follow what really happened. (Well except for the oldest child being a boy in real life!) 

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Re: ABC's Schooled Cancelled

I loved Schooled.  I love the Goldbergs too.  Especially in the earlier seasons where the actual footage that the episode was based on was shown.  Some of the outfits on the show are actually Beverly Goldberg's.  That makes it even funnier.  The 80s had some pretty distinct fashion.

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Re: ABC's Schooled Cancelled

I actually looked for a thread about this show the other day.  I didn't realize it had been cancelled, so thanks for sharing that @beach-mom.


I just started watching The Goldbergs a few months ago and got completely caught up last week.  I streamed all the episodes on Hulu.  


I was a fan of The Middle but I feel The Goldbergs is a much better show.  Not sure what took me so long to find it!  I was intrigued to learn there was a spinoff with Lainey, the coach, and counselor (now principal), but I was so disppointed to see that Hulu only offered season 2 of Schooled.  


One thing I will add about The Goldbergs. . .I hate what they did with Erica's character.  Okay. . .another thing. . .I hate what they did to Jeff's character too.  I have a feeling The Goldbergs will be cancelled next year since Adam will graduate and the real Adam left as show runner to work on Disney Studios unit for ABC Studios.  


I think I might be a Goldnerd.  I've actually contemplated a purchase of Beverly's cookbook.  🤣