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A recent Hallmark movie...

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I know I have a few friends here who watch the Hallmark Movies.   I occasionally like to post about a recent movie and get their opinions on it.  


My current one is "Love On The Menu".   I  DVR them so I'm not always certain when they air but I think this one might have been on Saturday night.   


This one caused mixed feelings for me.  It wasn't the worst but I can't say it was memorable either.    The actors worked fairly well together but the lead actor's daughter really got on my nerves. I guess I very rarely see a teenager in any Hallmark movie that is much of an actress or actor.     It always seems that they just cast anyone so that the lead performers are front and center and they, the teenagers, are just props.  


I definitely could have done without the overbearing woman who ran the frozen food company.    A little softening of her demeanor would have made the movie a little more pleasant.  


So fellow Hallmark fans, what did you think of this movie?

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Re: A recent Hallmark movie...

I recorded it but haven't watched it.  I'll try to watch it in a day or two and post back here.  I agree with your take on the child actors in the movies.  They always sound like they're reading their lines.

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Re: A recent Hallmark movie...

I watch the Hallmark movies all the time and record them to watch when I want so I can fast forward through the commercials. I watched the whole movie but it wasn't one of my favorites.  I have seen the actress before and she had long hair and looked very pretty in her short hairdo.  Other than that, it would not be one that I would watch over.  It seems I tend to enjoy the mystery movies and have watched some of them a second time.  The romantic movies tend to be repetitve and probably watchers get tired.  

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Re: A recent Hallmark movie...

I found it to be pretty darn boring.   I had to rewind to be sure I was reading correctly that Kavan Smith was the writer. 


Here's an interview with him if anyone is interested.


Sounds like it was thrown together pretty quickly.

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Re: A recent Hallmark movie...

I did not care for this one either. The storyline was very thin and It felt like it was thrown together very quickly. The daughter did not bother me. I know they are not the best movies you can watch, but this one was really bad.

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Re: A recent Hallmark movie...

By coincidence, I just watched this earlier today.  I thought it was okay, but the sharp-tongued, overbearing female boss was just too much.  "The Devil Wears Prada" she wasn't!  Who would work for a jerk like that?


The only issue I have with the children in these movies is that it's always the same concept:  no mother figure, female lead comes along and knows exactly what to do and slips right into that role.  I could do without that.


Other than that, it was a pleasant movie, but not one to bother watching again.