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Maybe this has been posted and I missed it but I have to say that I loved this movie. The casting was great, done by Bradley Cooper as well as the music. I  can't get over how much I loved it. I bought the CD and love listening to it. The story was wonderful  and sad and beautiful too. I highly recommend this movie . My DH even loved it 

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This movie will get alot of awards at the Oscars! ONe of the most moving shows I have seen in a long long long time. This one will go down in the books. As well as the soundtrack



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I couldn’t wait for this movie to end!  I love Gaga and.....well Bradley Cooper is just delicious, I was bored to death.  I think the Christopherson/Streisand version was much better.  

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I thought it was a good movie.  I was skeptical about their chemistry - but I was surprised in a good way.  I think this movie is going to win a lot of awards.


IMO, nothing will ever top Streisand's and Kristofferon's chemistry.  We watched their version last weekend, and I just about melted.