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I never understood why Regina and Rome  wanted Eve as their surrogate. She was an emotional wreck. She was in an abusive relationship and ran away. IMHO, she was looking for the financial help. Regina never wanted a child and was on the edge this entire time.


I am glad Gary moved on. I like his new girlfriend. She knows what she needs and is more grounded.  Maggie was struggling with her health and emotions. This was never a good match. 


Eddie has become or still is an emotional wreck. These last week's with his sister have gone down in the wrong direction. I knew something was going to happen when he left the bar. I hope he lives.


Deliah is just a character who is a child raising children. Sad scenario for all.

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Gary's new girlfriend is no nonsense and very grounded, she is good for him, and he knows it. 

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Re: A Million Little Things

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I'm chatting like these characters are real - but I know they aren't. Eddie may be a typical 'dry drunk' or dry alcoholic. Although drinking / drugs are stopped -- behavior is in repair. They'll still have strained relationships and struggle with negative and self destructive attitudes. So Eddie's strange behavior, when stressed, is no surprise. 


Eve may discover she doesn't have the support for raising a child and change her mind. Writers have to keep Rome's character on a roller coaster ride to keep him wound up going up, down and all around. 


Can you believe Maggie is a therapist? Okay, I raised that question before. Maybe Gary's growing up. Maybe he sin't in the mood for games. Maybe being a 'dad' role model is appealing to him. Like many, I'm ready to let cyclone Maggie go.


Did I miss ripping any characters apart? The strong women are my favorite characters. I would like to see some happy twists and turns happening in this TV drama. Trainwreck Delilah finding a young guy who looks good in uniform can't be the only happy stuff going on.   

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I don't believe Eddie is dead. It is kind of like they had to have a cliffhanger, and it was his turn. He is a part of the main group, not someone who came in later, like Maggie, so he will be back.


I am glad Maggie has left, hopefully for good. Never did find her character appealing.





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@occasionalrain wrote:

Assuming it's not cancelled, I'm glad I won't have to suffer through a baby storyline; although, I doubt the last has been heard from that birth mother.


I also doubt Eddie is dead but it will be touch and go with lots of tears from Delilah. Hoping for a new hairstyle.


I never liked Maggie so glad Oxford is getting her. The new girlfriend is better for Gary and he seems to know it.


I don't watch This is Us, saw the promos and hated them, found the characters cringey.

@occasionalrain   LOL 


I'm still laughing at Regina changing her mind about adoption; either you want a child or you don't.  I liked Regina, gave her a chance about this whole baby plot, but in the end it looks like she just gave in after seeing Rome and PJ on the rooftop.  I think she saw Rome as a real person for a change when he talked PJ out of suicide.


She rules in that marriage and her mother seemed more invested looking at baby clothes than Regina seemed invested.


She treats Rome as a child; no need to adopt.


Of course Eddie will survive; and does he attend AA and have a sponsor???  If not, he is a "dry drunk". 


And get a real job already. 


Maggie-lol.  I think the actress is set for another series so she may be leaving (so far) for that-although if it fails she can then return to MLT, carrying new baggage from Oxford.  And I'm not talking about suitcases here.


The backpack-ok.  Stuff wet clothes in it, hide it under the cabin, years go by, and everything looks nice and fresh.


I don't know if the baby issue is complete; I doubt Regina would give in now even if the birth mother returns.


So much to ponder.  LOL



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Re: A Million Little Things

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@jeanlake   Agree about "dry drunk".  I don't recall Eddie attending AA and having a sponsor, either.


As much as I like Katherine, I feel she doesn't fully understand what it means for Eddie to stay sober.  She's looking to a better future in her marriege with a sober husband and that will not work out for either of them without program.  Especially not for Theo.

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@jeanlake  I agree 100% with you. I don't know if I was in a grumpy mood but this finale annoyed me to no end.Between this show and The Sinner, I was grumbling away to myself!

My favorite character is Theo.He seems to be the only one with his act together. Maggie..bon voyage and good riddance. Ugh

Eddie decided to rehash his past on the day of his vow renewal...sure.

Deliah's children drooling over her new boyfriend...odd. 

You knew Eve was going to flake out. Regina and Rome..strange couple. he mature or immature? depends on the episode.

Oh,Collin seems to have his act together.He acts like a normal dog!

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Katherine has been my favorite, there's a stillness about her, but this vow renewal has counted against her for me. I find vow renewals cringey.

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i really thought that something was going to go on with ROME and EVE......she seemed to fawn over him at times.

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@Estates  I was also in a grumpy mood. Mine was due to ABC's indecision regarding the future of this show. I have vested too much time in shows that ABC abruptly canceled with no real conclusion to the series.



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