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I was listening to some old music today, and I always go back to Mary Chaplin Carpenter's " Come on Come on. ".  I lived too long and been through so many musical styles to have a definitive favorite, but her song always gives me the feels, and brings a tear to my eye, ( in a good way ). I'd love to hear some of your favorites, or just the one that makes you nostalgic. 




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The Bee Gees' "Staying Alive" is my favorite. It is a special memory from the upbeat, good times we had in the disco days. That was by far the best time period in my lifetime.

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I would have to say "Sailing" by Christopher Cross.  This song has helped "take me to another place" in my mind during more than one health crisis in my life.Cat Very Happy

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For over fifty years my favorite song has been Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin. That's it...that's the one.

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Johnny Rivers (Slow Dancing) Swaying To The Music

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Re: A Favorite Song

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National Anthem - "Star Spangled Banner" 

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@QVC kitty 1  I have several favorites..... But at the top of my list would be:


Come Monday.       Jimmy Buffet

She's Gone.              Hall and Oates

Searchin'.                  Chicago

Family of Man.         3 Dog Night

My Sweet Lord.       George Harrison

Breakaway.               Art Garfunkel

Superstar.                  The Carpenters

Green River.               CCR



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All Tom Petty's hit songs.

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Anything MOTOWN : )