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Re: it haRe: 90 Day Finace Happily ever After starts tonight 4/28

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Hello All ! Love this thread, a fun bunch of people Smiley Very Happy


Watched part of PillowTalk on my TLC Go app yesterday and will finish today while on the exercise bike.   Too much fun. 


The more I watch, the more sane Loren and Alexei look !


Off topic but - also on the TLC Go app, I watched the very first epiposde of Sister Wives - I wasn't watching then so it was funny to see the very beginning.  They all lived together in one house back in Utah, Christine was pregnant, Robyn wasn't in the picture yet.  Kody looked SO much better back then.  Cute seeing the grown kids when they were little.

Hi @minkbunny . I still haven't seen Pillow Talk but look forward to seeing it. I wonder if Sister Wives will return? I will say the kids all seem to be good kids. Kody please get a makeover lol.

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Re: 90 Day Finace Happily ever After starts tonight 4/28

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Did anyone hear what Annie said to her husband when she picked up the blue pillow and said she didn't want to............  I had to laugh at that one.  It's at the beginning they show the building they live in and then she asks for the remote, after that.  I have watched it from the first season. 

I heard her she has no filter and is funnySmiley Happy