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Re: 90 Day Fiance "The Other Way" starts tomorrow June 3

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I just do not get why anyone from THIS country would give up everything they own, to move to a third world country, after having been there just days, even weeks.  It makes no sense.....I am absolutely speechless.


What do they have to gain?  No job - no clean water, no medical care to speak of - what is wrong with them?  Especially that Mormon guy.  He gave her all his money, belongings, etc.... She is just a greedy, selfish, etc......  Can't he see that?  She practically told him what she wants - and it's certainly not him.  


He isn't bad looking - surely he could find someone here who would appreciate him.... At least, he had $40k to give her - stupid as that might be.....  I really liked his father and was hoping he would talk some sense into him but I guess he wants him to learn by himself - the hard way.... Too bad - so sad....




@SophiaMarie   Agreed. Obviously one of them has to move if they want to be together but in most of these instances I don't understand why it's the US citizen moving. I would never move to India or Equador. It looked so gross in Equador. I wonder how long the guy is going to last before he's ready to go back to the US.

I agree Equador was awful.  What did he spend 40 thousand on???  I cannot understand why she wanted to go back and why he would consider moving to where she lives.


@yellow919I found an article online that said he gave her $30,000 for property investment in Ecuador, $6,000 for a car and $2,000 to invest in a cocktail bar. I'm sorry, but considering what her neighborhood looked like, where exactly could she possibly be investing $30,000?!


I really don't understand why she thinks her home country is better than the US. It's as if she has no idea how to adjust to living a better life.




A car !!!!! to drive where??? from what I have seen its all mud.  Did he give her cash?  Well that money is probably gone.  Is he nuts???


@yellow919   I know! I guess we'll see if they're actually driving around in a car once he moves there!