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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

Yes, Tim is a little strange.  Veronica seems to still care for him, but I don't know that Tim really wants a girlfriend right now!

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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

@novamc1 Stop reading my mind! ITA with your entire post. Kobe and Emily obviously know nothing about birth control.


Guillermo seems like a nice guy and is stuck with that awful wife. For now.


i also got the feeling Tim was getting annoyed with Veronica tho I usually like watching them together.


John is raging alcoholic and having had an alcoholic "sperm donor" he was obviously drunk at taping. Why this was allowed, even for the drama, is beyond me.


Jibri is a little twerp and Miona is a witch. They are both obviously desperate for attention.


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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

@123SuzyQ123 wrote:

Yes, Tim is a little strange.  Veronica seems to still care for him, but I don't know that Tim really wants a girlfriend right now!

@123SuzyQ123 from watching Pillow Talk it seems Tim has a girlfriend. Him & Veronica have made reference to her a few times.

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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

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Having Tim and Kenny there for 'live' commentary was a nice touch.  I like both of them and always enjoy them on Pillow Talk.


I agree with all of you regarding Jibri being an obnoxious PITA for the entire time.  He definitely wanted all the attention on him and his sparkly outfit and made sure he inserted himself into just about every segment on every couple.  I thought he had a lot of nerve to be calling out each couple that he thought "would not make it".  Seemed like nobody really was able to stand up to him verbally though several of them tried.


I was a bit surprised by the pregnancy news for Patrick and Thais and Kara and Guillermo.  I guess some of them were too.  At least it wasn't Emily again or Ari.


I do think Jibri was accurate about Ari being over the top jealous of Bini, although he could have told her more tactfully.  She is definitely insecure when it comes to him and the possibility of him cheating on her.  Bini seemed strangely quiet last night, and just like when his sisters threw wine in Ari's face, failed to do anything to support her discussion with Jibri.


Mohammed and Yve still seem to be a strange pairing to me.  He appears to have become more accepting of American culture, no doubt at the direction of his Mamma.  He is just still very awkward in group settings.


I felt for Guilliermo several times as he clearly feels intimidated by Kara treating him like a child all the time.  He even called himself a 'toddler', trying to be light-hearted about it, but you could tell it bothers him.  And her Ex - he was rude and also very disrespectful to him.  I can't help but think this marriage is going to be a tough situation for him if Kara doesn't lighten up.  Maybe once she as an actual real baby, she can let him be the man he is.


The whole Bilal / Shaeeda / and ex wife thing was weird too.  I thought Shaeeda made excellent points on how it was ok for Bilal to dish it out, but he cannot take it.  From the moment she arrived in the States he was "testing" her or playing jokes on her that were outright mean.  I think she deserves better than him, and the Ex needs to just butt out. 


And don't get me started on John.  I am not  a Thais fan at all, but I can certainly see her point regarding him.  He is a pathetic drunk that has entirely too much to say and too much to do with their relationship.  And what is up with now moving to Las Vegas?  Seems like all they have done is move from house to house since she arrived.


I hope next week is a lot less the Jibiri show, and we actually get to hear alot more from everyone else.  Although I don't really care to hear anything the miserable Miona has to say.  I think Jibri at some point is going to regret how she has alienated his family and friends.  I don't see them lasting.



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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

You make some excellent points bayflwc. Perhaps as someone mentioned, they paid Jibri extra for being such a jerk.  Hope they don't make that same mistake next week.  Who cares what he thinks about the others?

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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

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I found it amusing that Jibri has no problem criticizing everyone on the show, but when John criticized him he whined like a little girl. 

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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

I wonder what Jibri's parents think of his performance on the show.  IMO, both he and Miona deserve one another.


I felt bad for Shaeeda (sp?) when they brought Bilal's ex-wife on.  And of course, Shaun just had to stir the pot about her not looking at his ex-wife.  Why should she?  She really didn't have any business being there. 


And the same for Kara's ex, though I'm not a fan of hers.  I also felt bad for Guillermo (sp?) because she does treat him like a child.  He genuinely seems like a very decent guy and I don't think she realizes the gem that he is.


Ari/Bini - Bini sure was quiet and of course, Ari did most of the yapping.  I feel for Bini and also Kobe.  Emily is the worst for me as she's such a bossy person.  So now she's he stay at home mom and he's out working.  Yes, I give him credit; however, he's in a bad place having to put up with her every demand.


Thais/Patrick - As much as I'm not a fan of her, John is nothing but a pot stirrer.  I don't see this or any of the others lasting very long. 


Yve/Mohammed - I like him; her, not so much.  He's becoming m more relaxed in his ways and it sounds like next week, they're bringing in one of the "squad" troublemakers.  JMO.

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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

Totally agreed with the comments. 


Jibri's immaturity really rose to the surface during the Tell All.....unless it was scripted that somebody on the show had to be the bad guy. 


Really laughed when Tim called Kenny "gramps" 


Kobe had some really inciteful comments and I think there's a lot more to him than what we get to see. 


Bini had had his middle finger up on his forehead when Jibri was taunting him.  Also got a laugh out of that. 

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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

@123SuzyQ123 wrote:

I have been shocked that several of the couples went ahead with marriages, because at least 4 of them do not seem to be suited for each other (IN MY OPINION!)   


The Bilal guy and his wife and the Jibri couple and the couple that now have the two little kids (can't think of their names, lived on horse farm).


Does anyone know if the Samoan guy and his wife with the 2 little boys from a couple of seasons ago are still together?  I didn't think they would make it either.  


I wondered all along why many, many of these couples could not have found mates in their own countries instead of marrying into such different cultures than what they were raised in.  Oh well, none of my business, I guess!!



I totally agree with your first and third comments.  And the acttions of the cast often seems so crazy I Can't help but wonder how much  is actually scripted.

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Re: 90 Day Fiance Tell All - Part 1

It just baffles me that they don't understand about birth control.  Having a baby might make you stay longer in a relationship but it will cause an emotional and financial strain.  I just don't understand bringing a baby into a marriage until you are at a good place or at least on the same page.  I had not watched the show in a while since I am not crazy about any of the couples.  I decided to watch the tell and was most surprised Mohammed and Yve was still together.  That couple just seems wrong in every way.