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@Stray wrote:
TB already met the ladies & produced the movie. Jane Fonda stated in an interview that she “got weak in the knees” when he came to her trailer to introduce himself. She said he was “humble & sweet”. Tom said it was an honor to work with them.

He met the actresses obviously, but if you watch the segment he didn't meet the real life women. They said so, they said they would love to meet him before they die. One of the two women interviewed has a grandson who works in Hollywood and that's how the movie got made.


There were originally five of them, one passed away and two are in assisted living.

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I will watch when it comes out on cable!


This movie is based on the mother (Betty) of a casual friend of my brothers and sisters.  The family and friends of these ladies were treated to an early screening of the movie at Patriots Place.  Smiley Happy


And yes ... I'm still mad at Brady for leaving us!  Lol ...

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I want to see it
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i like all the ladies, but i can't support Hanoi Jane. My money won't go into her pocket.

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@10sluvr wrote:

i like all the ladies, but i can't support Hanoi Jane. My money won't go into her pocket.

I agree for this reason also!

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Nope, I'm not the least bit interested in supporting these women. 

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Yes, I will see it. Sounds like something I would like.

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Re: 80 for Brady

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These (4) ladies were on The Kelly Clarkson show last week, Rita Moreno looks good for being 91 years old, both Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda are in their 80's and the youngest is Sally Fields at 76 years old.  They all look fantastic, and they mentioned that Rita was fiirtiest on the set, LOL.  

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I saw the movie tonight, it was an advance screening and I only paid $5.

It's silly and needed better writers, but I still enjoyed it. Fun escape, and the football aspect was very enjoyable for me. I love football and I loved all those years of Tom with the Patriots.

I support "these women" and enjoy them in movies.
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Easy pass for me.