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7/13/2021 Big Brother Live Feed Spoilers and updates!!!

And the decades-long reign of Frenchie the First has finally come to an end. While still officially retaining power, his use of his renomination power yesterday was his last official act as HOH. The BB kingdom mourns his reign ending while looking forward to the reign of a new king/queen.


Yes, yesterday saw Frenchie annoy us all for the last time as he flip-flopped one final time before finally naming Travis the surfer dude as the replacement for Kyland after Derek X used the POV on Kyland. (Who may still be wearing the POV. He was still wearing it hours after the POV ceremony.) Frenchie's power is now spent and he's more or less a king in name only for the next few days.


The house should settle down a bit now as everyone can catch their breath. Travis and Alyssa, who are both on the block will campaign for votes, but both are doing so on the down-low. Alyssa is being reassured constantly that she has the votes (and it seems like she does) so the Hawaiian surfer dude is likely a goner. Not much of a loss as he really hasn't stood out in the house. (Other than wearing some of the girl's dresses last night. I'm not sure why he did that, but whatever.)


So things should stay fairly calm and quiet in the old BB house. We don't seem to have any really angry, hostile houseguests this year. They're a pretty calm and mellow group. Tiffany probably could blow up if things went wrong, but by and large, this is a pretty chill group.


Don't even ask how many alliances there are now. A few new ones formed yesterday. Just assume everyone is allied with everyone else until proven otherwise.


The houseguests plan to entertain themselves by having a toga party, playing pranks, and getting tested yet again for Covid-19. (They were just tested on Sunday, so this seems kind of quick.) One thing we can all be grateful for is that Frenchie didn't take Julie up on her double or nothing offer and won safety for two weeks. Though he and his team seem pretty safe based on the early hints at who will get nominated next. Brent, Christian, Derek X, and Kyland all seem to be more or less in the crosshairs for next week depending on who wins HOH. Alyssa could fall into the perennial pawn role since she handled it so well this week. However, it's a dangerous role to assume.


I don't expect much to happen today. I believe they're already locked down for the setup of the next HOH comp which implies it's a big, complicated comp. It did take them longer last year to set up comps though due to the covid rules for the unionized workers who set up the comps, so we can't go by how long a comp takes to set up as we did in the past. It would be early for the wall comp which typically takes a very long time to set up, but they have had the wall comp fairly early in some past seasons. We'll find out what the comp is on Thursday.


Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!