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61st Street (TV Series)

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This series is on AMC on Sunday at 8:00 MST.. Moses Johnson, a promising, black high school athlete, is swept into the infamously corrupt Chicago Justice System. Taken by the police as a supposed gang member, Johnson finds himself and his lawyer, Franklin Roberts, in the eye of the storm as police and prosecutors seem revenge for the death of an officer during a drug bust gone wrong. Courtney B. Vance is the lawyer. The show has a good casts. I would recommend.

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@elated  ThankYou-smiley.giffor providing a synopsis.

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It is very intense. There are several story angles that will be developed.

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I'm hooked.  It's great to see Vance again.  Intense and thought provoking.

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I just stumbled on it but wasn't sure which day and tme t came on so thanks for confirmng......Courtney B Vance and Aunjanue Ellis are two of myy favorte actors.