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Re: 600 lb life sean last night

@Pancho wrote:

@mousiegirl  Sean had a severe infection in the fold of his skin under his enormous belly (there is skin on skin contact and no air can get in so moisture gets trapped and causes break down of the skin and infection to set in). You have to keep the area clean and dry.  He was in the hospital in the beginning of this episode being treated for this infection and lost a lot of weight as well because he was on a controlled diet. When they got the infection under control he was released to a rehab facility.  Sean even mentioned that when he was in rehab he was bathing EVERY DAY.  He was then released to go back home.  His living conditions were pretty gross!!  He needed a maid for sure.


Sean came back for the weigh-in visit with his caregiver and had gained 200lbs in two months and lost a lot of mobility.  Dr. Now discussed his hygiene during that visit and mentioned that he smelled really bad so Dr. Now knew the infection was back.  Because Sean was not bathing properly or bathing at all (cleaning the folds of his skin really well) the infection returned.  When a bacterial infection goes untreated the bacteria enters the body/blood stream and you become sepsis and unfortuneately die.  Worldwide, one-third of people who develop sepsis die.  Most people don't realize how serious a simple infection can become.  You cannot ignore an infection.  Many times if the infection progresses, you wind up in the hospital, and it has to be treated with intravenous medication.


I hope this better explains what happened.



@Pancho  Thank you.  I know about infections, but sounds as if Sean had a death wish, maybe subconsciously.

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Re: 600 lb life sean last night

I love Dr. Now.  He is so used to patients lying to him that he has an answer for everything.  One patient who gained weight after being sent home from the hospital after losing enough weight to satisfy Dr. Now, tells Dr. Now that he has gained back the weight because "I have to call and have my food delivered and they close at 10 pm".... to which Dr. Now replies, "Oh and there aren't any healthy food places  anywhere in your area code after 10 pm?"



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Re: 600 lb life sean last night

Sean was mentally delayed whether because of his Mother or just born that way....probably a combo of both. He lived in a pig sty , never wore clothes,

ate an exorbitant amount of food.....Why didn't Adult Protective Services or ARC step into help him....He should have been in a group home ....

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Re: 600 lb life sean last night

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So, I'd never watched this show until Sean's episode.  Talk about a rough way to begin a series.  First, I cannot believe there are so many 600+ people in this country!  Second, while I understand Dr. Now's tough love approach, his 'one size fits all' system for these people is wrong to me.  I believe each case should be handled according to their needs.  


I've lived in Houston (wonderful, helpful people btw) and the care facilities and therapist the show is choosing is the bottom tier.  Houston is a mecca for the best health care in the country.  And with the exception of doing the actual surgery in St. Josephs Hospital.  All these other facilities are at the bottom of the care scale.  I guess TLC can't pay for the best care but still.....  Btw, I've read Dr. Now's son is either the creator or producer of this show.  Anyone know if this is true?


I couldn't believe when Dr. Now expected Janine (from another case) to get off her scooter and walk, can you understand the damage these poor people have done to their bones, ligaments and muscles from carrying all that weight?  He finally towards the end decided to have her get some cortisone shots but what the heck?


The thing that strikes me the most and the show is legit not addressing fully is the mental breakdown these people are suffering.  A few paltry sessions with a so-so therapist is not going to get it.  I could tell right away that Sean was suicidal.  How is it that Dr. Now couldn't see it?  And Dr. Now badgers them too.  Yeah, he doesn't put up with stupid excuses but once he dispenses with the "don't lie to me", he starts to repeat questions and basically starts to badger.  I don't think I can continue to watch, just too depressing.