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I can't believe that JT lost all that weight. The way he was talking about how much he loves food, I way.

Plus his girl freind leaving was a good idea for her....he was only using her.


I was hoping they would take that thing off his leg.............

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I too was surprised that he lost weight.  By the way he was talking, I had the feeling that he was not ready to make the changes in his diet he would need.  I wonder if they will do a follow up show and remove the huge lymphodema from his leg.  

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I watched too @catlover. I felt bad for him. No family and girlfriend

went back home and left him. Only thing they have probably in common

is food and his feasting every 30 minutes or so. Like he said, he mainly

is eating, thinking about eating or sleeping.


Wow, the food he would go through, at home sitting on his bed, usually

with their dog right beside or behind him. Felt bad for the dog just

watching him devour everything in sight. Crazy to think he was walking

around at nearly 900 lbs!


He definitely needs an update. I wanted to know how much the edema

weighed. What a struggle to deal with every day but he kept eating and

eating and it kept growing and growing.


What a horrible life he has lead and he is like 32 years old. Can't wait

to see what life is like when/if we see him again. Hope he makes it!

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I am always rooting for the people on this show.  It breaks my heart when some will not or cannot make the changes they need to make to save their lives.  

I have had to lose weight several times in my life and I know just how challenging it can be.  I am not sure I would ever be able to lose the hundreds of pounds they have to lose.  


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I must confess .. that i have the appetite of these people .. i could

eat every minute of every day ....Luckily I am able to control it ...


That I am grateful for ....

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@threecees  I think I recall Dr. Now saying the mass weighed near 100 LBS!!  He added that once it was removed JT would be close to his target weight.  That's because the surgery couldn't be done until JT was about 350 lbs.  


I was very impressed with JT's progress as his addiction to food seemed as severe as has ever been portrayed on the show.


I believe the girlfriend leaving him was a good thing for both as the relationship seemed to be dependent on the dynamics of him being 900 lbs and she being his enabler.  Not healthy for either one of them.

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@Big Joanie 


Me too!  I love to cook and bake and eat.  And I can have a huge appetite.  Like you, I am so thankful that I know how to eat the proper and healthy foods and control myself.  

I will admit it is a struggle sometimes.......But I am able to maintain a weight that is appropriate for my height.  

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When he got the take-out food at the rehab place, I was thinking, "Uh Oh!", but was glad to see that it was just clear broth!


I felt bad for the girlfriend, he was not good to her & she just seemed sort of "checked out".  Who'd want to live in that nasty little hole in the wall 1 bedroom place with the filthy looking mattress on the floor in the living room?  There was barely enough room for him on the that icky mattress & then, add her & the poor little dog!  Plus, with him only bathing once a week, I'm sure it smelled just delightful!  Yuck!


I was impressed that he could still walk at almost 900 lbs., too, but I think he has his age on his side for that.


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At 792 lbs. he was the heaviest person I have seen on this show. I was so glad to see his progress in losing weight. I would love to see how he looks after getting that lymphedema removed. I hope they will do a follow-up on him. Actually I wish they would do "where are they now" on all of the people featured. I find myself really rooting for them.

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Did someone happen to watch, Gina last night?


I fell asleep. She knocked over a display of reading glasses with the motorized cart in the grocery store. And that is the last I remember.


Does anyone know what happened after that? Did she lose any weight?