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This show was one of my guilty pleasures. (i also watched the programming they paired up with it.


Where I live, we have two 15 -year-olds and we would watch on demand (they go to bed earlier.) It was more like "This is what happens if you break the law." A Scared Straight tactic.


Robert was a colossal jerk, who had actually been on some really reailty program (it was cancelled after one airing.) I think he deliberately fooled with the cameras so he would end up in solitary--because they would have stomped him or worse.


Zach was probably the best at it. I had read up about Tami. It's sad, but people do digging and then post it on the Web. 


Tami, was a police officer. At 47, she is retiired and works as a community liason

. I think she was really a cop for 9 years. Very misleading to say that she is a cop now. If she were in law enforcement, no way could she cotinue after doing the show. Think about it. I don't even know if Zach could.


She actually underwent therapy during the program to help her cope. Tami is probably an averaged sized woman. Her partner is very tall.


May May (Mohammed Ali's daughter.. Being professionally trained, she knows how to deal with drama and crazies. She also trying to hide and not draw attention to herself. I liked her the best out of all of them. She said if she ahd to do it again, no way. Which is normal. Don''t know if they told her say the "yellow bus' comment or not.


Jeff I felt sorry for. Just some poor clueless soul who was never able to really "get it." I can't even see him as a mall cop. But he let his lack of social skills define him. He couldn't even finish high school. He did do a GED and then some kind of security training, which pays nothing. A CO job would pay more, but I can't see it for him.


Barbra was just annoying with a lot of growing up to do. She is only 25. She bonded too easily with the inmates. Also, some kind of  growing up to do . She has written some books. Please see Barbra Roylance Williams. So another publicity seeker. I would never leave my babies to go sit in a jail and be on TV.


Isaiah. Hope it works for him. Actually rooting for the guy. 


I wonder also about the compensation for this.  They couldn't have totally been "volunteering."  You know they handpicked these people also not because they wanted intelligence, but some of them really needed a life lesson.


Just wait until the reunion.





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Tami seems like a mental case....crying and complaining. She is too emotional to be a good least that is what she portrayed on this show.

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There was an interview with her on the website After Ellen

She was hard to watch; it probably conjured up stuff she'd forgotten. I forget where I had read it, but she was in law enforcement a total of 20 years. (Some of that was not being a real cop as we know them. I think she was in security (loss prevention) and something else related. She wasn't a cop for 20 years. She says that she was. A lot of people really can take that kind of job, it's too tough. Keep in mind that she is no longer on any force. Plus, reality TV isn't "real," but some warped perception. 

She said she was approached to do this. It makes you wonder where they come up with these people.






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Did anybody watch the finale? 


Man, that Robert makes me want to vomit.  He is truly disgusting to the core.  Oh, and he's an idiot.   I'm not sure if there is something wrong with him or if he's just an ahole.


It was a good panel discussion thing with the law enforcement officers and all the participants.


There will be another season and -

Zac's wife is doing it this time!  wow.  
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I'm afraid now the first season is done, A&E will have to continue to 

'trick' it up to gain viewer #s. 

Face it.....Robert was interviewed w/ an edge..and producer intention.


If Jail Management really wanted to get the job done, they would've gotten someone else who could be able to provide valuable info.  Heck, the whole lot could've been like Zac...there for a definite purposes rather than picking the 'weak' girl, 'bossy' girl', 'young' guy', 'weak guy' and 'a$$ guy'. But those personalities are what ratings like...even in this situation.


'Reality' TV,'s not scripted, but I believe the storyline is...'coaxed' along. Additional seasons are going to get really boring seeing the same 'someone's stealing my tater tots' type of fights...unless producers trick it up.

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Hi Sidsmom.  Yeah, you're probably right.  I'll keep my Season Pass but if it starts looking really ridiculous I'm out.


Too bad they weren't all like Zac.  He was positively invaluable.

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This particular show seems totally fake, the prisoners were just trying and doing to much that would add time to their sentence.

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I read each of the participants were paid a small stipend to compensate for them not working. A&E paid the jail $60,000 to make the series. The jail is going to use the money for improved guard training, updated security cameras and a body scanner. 


Season 2, with 8 participants will begin airing on Thursday August 18, 2016.  60 Days In: Meet the Participants premieres August 11, 2016.

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I really liked Zac the best but I can't understand why his wife would agree to participate in the show and leave an infant home for 2 months.  Gee, she even had to show Zac how to tell when the baby's diaper was wet.  


I could understand if they were getting a lot of money but from what I'm reading, they're not.  No way would I leave my newborn for 2 months and miss so much of the new things they do at that age - like gurgle, spit up, burp, cry all night and so many other great things......JK of course, but I  wouldn't do it......Doesn't Zac have a job?