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Re: 5/13/19 Episode of Bull

I keep trying to talk someone into watching Bull.


The irony is that this male person was a very big fan of Michael Weatherly on NCIS.  All I often heard was 'this and that' about NCIS, and MW's character.


I really don't get it.  


His answer always is 'Well, I can watch the episodes anytime'.......


Very strange, if you ask me.



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Re: 5/13/19 Episode of Bull

that really surprised me about benny and bull. benny has a good left jab,got bull good.


i don't think the baby is Bull's. something ain't right about this.


i must have dozed off with marrisa and her doctor and the news she would never have children. wow, i missed a good part there. I dvr bull and already deleted the show so can't rewatch to see what i missed.



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Re: 5/13/19 Episode of Bull

I've only seen a couple of episodes of Bull and liked them.  Wanted to see this but schedule didn't allow.  After reading here, I'm glad.

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