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Re: 1000# SISTERS

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@Love my grandkids Yes truly it wasn't helpful, its as if Tammy got money from the show etc. and partied with it. I'd really like to see how Amy is doing and her little family. She suffered terribly from the abuse of Tammy.

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@SeaMaiden Amy has a foul mouth a lot but not nearly as bad as Tammy. At least she is making a life with her husband and little boy. She doesn't just sit on her butt all day, eating, drinking and griping.

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I was excited to see this show when TLC showed the premiere because I thought it would be a great heartwarming show made about loving sisters helping make their lives better, supporting one another.
And who needs more help than severely overweight ppl? I enjoyed 1st season. Both sisters seemed determined to lose weight, support one another.
Second season I had misgivings about continuing to watch given the Tammy drama and foul mouths.
I was briefly uplifted when Chris appeared and was just so darn loveable ❤️
But the episodes went downhill fast. TLC seems to think the viewers want to see failures and family discord. It pains me to see human misery in any form including families unable to get past anger to be able to love and support one another.
I had to stop watching during the episode when they all went as one big family to the theme park. It was just too much to watch. And the concept of sisters losing weight was gone. Amy stopped losing, Tammy could care less despite what she said.
The only bright spot was Chris who was genuinely trying. I knew I would miss him but I deleted it from my DVR lineup.
I think TLC exploits anyway for ratings. Horrible channel. But I feel that way about most programming today on just about everything on TV so it might just be me, some may like TLC
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@781Florist wrote:

There was also a report that Tammy had been admitted to the hospital and the family feared she would die.  I believe I heard that she pulled through that instance, but maybe she isn't well enough to keep doing the show?


As far as this show and the other 600LB Life shows are concerned, I think the subjects simply use the shows as a way to make money and have no intention of losing the weight.  Most of these people are bedridden and some can't even fit out of the doorway to go to the kitchen.  So where are they getting the food?  When you eat 2 loaves of toast and 3 dozen eggs and a quart of orange juice for breakfast  SOMEBODY has to buy, cook, and serve you all that food.  Also, these people don't (can't!!) work.  How on earth do they afford all of that food?



@781Florist   They probably get government assitance due to their disability.  Usually relatives and/or friends enable them.