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10/26/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

And everything still seems to be on track for a Cody and Codyette, finale. Nicole is spending much of her time rehearsing her final two speech for the jurors. That's an area where she should crush Cody. She's pretty good at public speaking while Cody isn't as good. (He'd be better than Enzo though. Enzo would say, "Like, yo, like you know, like yo, like vote for me, like, yo. You know?") If she can convince the jury that she played a better game, then she might get the votes she needs. She'll argue that she was an information gatherer and trusted ally early in the game while others did the dirty work.


Nicole was looking at the memory wall and counting votes and thinks she has six. She could. A lot depends on Da'Vonne. The potential for Da'Vonne being a bitter juror is very high since Nicole lied to her all the way out of the house, even when it wasn't necessary. (Not that it was ever necessary.) Nicole seems to think she has Da'Vonne, David, Kevin, Ian, Christmas, and Daniele as votes. I think to some extent Da'Vonne has some control over David and Kevin's votes, so getting Da'Vonne could be big for her. She doesn't seem to feel she has Enzo, Tyler, or Memphis. (Tyler could influence David a bit.) Daniele might not be as Nicole friendly as Nicole thinks either. We'll have to see. Production will likely want it to be a close vote.


I think Cody deserves the win more since he's largely the reason half the house didn't target Nicole. Memphis, Tyler, Christmas, and others all openly talked of getting rid of Nicole only to have Cody constantly stirring them towards other targets instead. "We can pick her off later, but so and so is a bigger threat right now."


It seems like Cody may throw part three of the HOH to Nicole so Nicole can bump off Enzo for him. Enzo seems to know he's gone no matter what and is just killing time until Wednesday. (As are the rest of us.)


We have a show tonight. On tonight's show, we may learn if Cody threw part one of the HOH comp to Nicole after seeing Enzo fall off. Cody's DR's should tell us more if they let us see them. We'll see the spinning comp and see Nicole claim victory. They were given special shoes for the comp, but Enzo opted to wear his street shoes instead and they had no grip leading to his demise. The show will likely end with them starting the second HOH comp and we'll see the conclusion of that on Wednesday's show. The end is near! The live feeds typically end at noon on finale day (Wednesday this year.) They'll have the house up early to say goodbye to the feed watchers. Not much longer to go.

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IRe: 10/26/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

I stopped watching a week or so ago, before Christmas was gone.  I have the shows on DVR, but not sure if I will watch anymore.  I have enjoyed reading Gardenman's updates this season and everyone's comments.  So at least being able to commune here again another year has been awesome.  This has just been such a disappointing season.  I thought I read Cody and Nicole were planning on splitting the winnings if they were in the final 2.  That should be against the rules.  I am glad Enzo didn't make it to the final two.  He had the least sincere social game yet people fell for it.  And he sucked at comps.  At least Nicole and Cody won comps, although Nicole was sort of a floater for the beginning.


All in all a predictable season.  It seemed like they tried to come up with twists and extra powers to try and combat the 60% ganging up on and easily picking off the other 40% but it didn't work.  But the 40% who weren't aligned weren't exactly trying to help themselves wither.


Well hopefully BB returns next July.  Not a all star season though please.

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Re: 10/26/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

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@gardenman ...  Due to an abundance of alone time this year, I soooo looked forward to having Big Brother around this summer.  BUT I'm done !!  After Nicole won the $10,000 prize when there were other houseguests who had not won anything, and the predictable season, I'm done.  I don't need to watch the confetti fall and the champagne pop for Cody and Nicole !!  I have been voting for Tyler and Janelle ...  I will check to see who won that.


Gardenman you were once again the reason ANYONE tuned into the QVC website ...  certainly not to see what colors the new kitchen sponges will be.  I will look forward to reading you whenever the next BB pops up !!  Stay safe and well ...