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10/20/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

And another day blows past in the rush to the end of the season. A new favorite has emerged in the race to be America's Favorite Player in Moolawn, Tyler's inflatable cow. While it's true she's full of hot air, she is the only thing worth watching in the house these days and seems to be making the biggest game moooves. No one's talking about evicting her.


In yesterday's highlights, Nicole peed her pants. Enzo thinks he should have kept Britney way back in season twelve. Cody may abandon Nicole at the final two and take Enzo, and Christmas is still hanging around the house for some reason


We'll start with Nicole peeing her pants. This is her third season of BB and yes, the third season in which she's peed her pants on camera. Oddly, Depends isn't among her many sponsors. They may want to rethink that. Nicole also said when questioned about what's the most obnoxious thing she's ever done seemed genuinely confused before saying she's never done anything obnoxious. Uh, what? Viewers would tend to disagree with that. Word is Janelle's head nearly exploded upon hearing that.


On to Enzo who's finally realized that letting the dominant player take their preferred final two option each season may not be the brightest idea. In season 12 he gleefully evicted Britney, laughing at her for believing she was part of their alliance, only to get the boot himself a week later as Hayden took Lane, his preferred final two partner. He now realizes that had he kept Britney and booted Lane instead, he'd have likely reached the final two. So, now knowing that, he's allowed Cody to bring Nicole to the final three with them. Enzo doesn't really seem to learn from his past mistakes.


Cody's been watching things around the house and realizes that Nicole could beat him in the end, and while they've agreed (or so we believe) to split the prize money, he wants the title. He may now drag Enzo to the final two instead as he's more sure of beating Enzo than Nicole. (I think he beats either, but Nicole has been doing jury management with Christmas which has Cody nervous.) I suspect the jury would prefer to not give the prize money to anyone, but given the three possible options they have, Cody should be the winner. Nicole pretty much poisoned Da'Vonne, David, and Kevin with her lies  Daniele may not even vote for her. Memphis and Tyler aren't big Nicole fans. Enzo could be a bigger threat to Cody as his social game was among the best of the three, but Cody is more worried about what Nicole is doing with Christmas.


And yes, Christmas is still there, just hanging around and killing time until her chance to chat up Julie on Thursday. There should be some way to speed things up at this stage of the game, but no. All of the excitement (what little there's been) ended on Saturday and now we're all just hanging around and killing time until Thursday.


For those wondering how popular the final three are, in the Jokers polling Enzo is the favorite of the final three, followed by Cody with Nicole consistently in last place among every houseguest, past and present. 


Expect nothing much to happen today, or tomorrow, or Thursday for that matter. We'll send Christmas off to a nearby hotel on Thursday and part one of the final three-part HOH will begin, but everyone's assuming that'll be an endurance type comp and are largely conceding it to Cody. Both Enzo and Nicole think it's best for them to save themselves for part two of the HOH comp. If Enzo should bail out early enough, Cody could throw it to Nicole and then go head to head with Enzo in part three.


I still expect the final two to be Cody and Nicole, but we'll have to see. Cody may decide to cut Nicole loose and take his chances with Enzo instead. In the meantime, we can all catch up on our sleep as nothing noteworthy is happening in the house.

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Re: 10/20/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

@gardenman  I didn't think the  season could get any worse, but Nicole's entitlement attitude is becoming unbearable. Stop whining, Nicole!😣

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Re: 10/20/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

I keep falling asleep!
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Re: 10/20/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

Me too - embarrassing 

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Re: 10/20/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

I was so happy to see there would indeed be a Big Brother Season in 2020.  Now, in October, I wish they had just sat this year out.  In some ways I found it offensive and like my private school in the 1980s.  All the "cool kids" gang up and get rid of what they deem to be the "not so cool kids" (Black, Autistic, Nerdy Nicole etc).  It has been a pity and a shame and embarassment to watch.  No one really played any sort of game.  Just mimick what they likely do in their own lives and social circles.  I saw this early on and figured when they got down to "their group" it may be interesting then, but it hasn't.  Sadly, I think for a lot of these people, just appearing on the show will get them enough gigs and help their social media brands that it doesn't matter if they win or not.  These people in the end disgust me and discredit the show.  I hope the blow up cow wins, as the rest are winers and con artists.  I am shocked people allowed Enzo to con his way to the end, but people are that dumb.  Just end it already!  I'm not even sure if I will watch next year.  Certainly not if it is another watch the "60% get rid of the 40% year."  Boo!

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Re: 10/20/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

I was also very happy to see we would be having a season of BB considering the precariousness of the times we're living through. And now? I'm still very happy we had this season.


A season of All Stars is very different game than a game of all new players. There are prior relationships, pregaming, and a different level of understanding than in a regular season and all those things naturally played a part.


There's also been talk of old school play vs new school play and both have their good and bad points. Old school had a more mixed group of players on the different sides of the house in  terms of aptitude and abilities. There is more back and forth of alliance wins which makes it less predictable and thus more entertaining. Unfortunately there's also a great deal of hostility and nastiness associated with the old school seasons. I've been watching some of the older seasons where they are yelling so loudly, and are in each other's faces to the point I'm shocked more of the confrontations didn't come to physical blows. Sadly, a lot of people are into that. For me, it just makes me sad.


New school is a type of play that has evolved partly because of the way the competitions have evolved. There used to be a mix of both physical and mental comps that has largely turned into the great majority of comps being physical so naturally the athletic players will dominate. A lot of fans say this is how the game is now broken. Players enter the house, align with other strong players, and have a run at the weaker side. To me, the idea of they're "the cool kids" is wrong. They're not the cool kids, they're the most physically adept kids--who, btw, aren't really kids at all! And, until BB changes things, this is how it will continue to be. 


I think it's unfair to label the people left in house as the kind of people who gang up on minorities or anyone else in their lives outside the house. There's a reason those particular players didn't advance any further than they did (including some of the most popular BB icons like Janelle, Keesha, and Kaysar) and it isn't because of the color of their skin or being on the spectrum. Purely and simply it's a combination of several things including lack of ability to win a competition, bad luck, and bad gameplay choices in the beginning of the game that lead to the inevitable. 


I don't know why anyone would find the people in the house disgusting. They are all good people. Cody and Enzo are great family people--Cody coaches kids in sports and has a gf of 5 years he's hoping to marry. Enzo is the same with 2 kids that he loves dearly. Nicole is a Midwest girl who is ready to start a family and Christmas, who had a rough patch, has made a complete turnaround. As far as I can see they are each contributing to society in positive ways. Personality-wise they may not be your cup of tea but they're not bad people and saying they are is kind of doing what you're accusing them of doing. 


I don't want to come off as appearing to believe my way of thinking is the right way--it's just a a different way. So when I make statements please understand I'm not saying anyone else is wrong, I'm just saying this is how I see it. Nothing more, 

nothing less. 

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Re: 10/20/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

[ Edited ]

I still would like to know what Tyler was thinking when he told Bay and DaVonne that they wanted to be in the game more than him and stated he was going to leave the game, as in going home.  Was that game play?  For him to make an abrupt about face and then have people feel sorry for him is beyond the pale.,...oh, he's not eating....he's getting so thin, he's wasting away....poor Tyler.  There will be I'm sure thousands of love struck women who think he's hot who fancy themselves being with poor Tyler and vote for him to get the prize money for favorite player.  He does not deserve it!  Truly disgusting! JMHO.  





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Re: 10/20/20 Big Brother 22 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

Tyler and Bayleigh have both been interviewed since leaving the game and both have discussed this. Since, as you say, you know nothing of the motivation let me inform you of the events as they unfolded. At least that way you can make your judgements based on fact rather than nothing.


Tyler has made a very nice life that he shares with his girlfriend Angela. When BB approached him to play  this season he answered no. Angela, knowing how much he loves the game, was worried it was a choice he would come to regret so she talked to Tyler and they contacted CBS asking if they would let him play. Needless to say, as much as he loves the game, his heart wasn't really in it. 


When Tyler entered the house he expected to see his ride or die ally, Kaycee, but she wasn't there. Xmas entered the house expecting to find Josh. He, too, wasn't there and the two found each other and made a F2 alliance. 


Meanwhile, Bayleigh made an insulting remark to Nicole which became the perfect catalyst for Nicole to turn Xmas and Dani against Bay while simultaneously facilitating the move of getting Da'Vonne closer to them. So, when Xmas won hoh, she decided it was an opportunity to get Bay out of the game. Tyler, being Xmas' partner, gave his approval as did he rest of the committee.


Naturally Bay and Day were livid at being nominated. Bay threw it Tyler's face saying that she had tried to make amends from last season and now he did this horrible thing. How could she ever have trusted him and on and on. Sadly, Tyler let her guilt him into believing this was all his fault (not even close) and realizing this was the last week he could leave without going to jury for the next six weeks he told her he would ask Xmas to backdoor him so he could go home saying they wanted to be there more than he did. Tyler said he understood they were playing "for the cause" (which turned out to be the the biggest joke of the season). The only cause they were playing for was a bigger bank account using blm as strategy.


What all ensued afterward we don't 100% know because the live feeds were down for a very long time. What we do know happened is that production called Allison Grodner in to inform Tyler that a voluntary backdoor was the same as a quit and quitting meant he would have to reimburse CBS every penny of his stipend including airfare, hotel fares (weeks that they spent in quarantine), food, covid tests, etc. and he would be left out on the sidewalk to make his way home. Maybe Tyler should have offered to let Bayleigh pay everything and she could stay. I mean, since she was only playing for the cause and not the money, I'm surprised she didn't offer. But, I digress. 


Xmas, as well, let him know that she had no intention of backdooring him and that Bayleigh had told her all she wanted was "Tyler's head on a silver platter." Not exactly the thing you'd expect to hear from someone who was expecting a huge favor and Tyler's guilt was appropriately diminished. Tyler, still feels bad that it went down the way it did but that's because he's a nice person and one, by the way, who never asked for a second of pity.