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07/20/2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

And, nothing much has changed in the old BB 23 house. The POV wasn't played yesterday so Frenchie and Britini are still the nominees. Britini finally seems to have accepted that she's not the target and that no one considers her a huge threat. (She's a threat to our sanity, but not in the game.)


Frenchie is upset he's getting the boot before he got a chance to spread his wings and show them all what he was capable of. Yeah. I'm pretty sure we all know what Frenchie's capable of. He had a chance for two weeks of safety in week one and opted not to take it. Then he played in the Wild Card comp and lost. Then he played in the veto comp and lost. Frenchie is not the best BB player ever, despite his apparent belief that he is.


The house is pretty focused right now. Frenchie goes this week with only Derek F voting to keep him. Then it's Brent and Whitney against the house for the next HOH and I'm not sure either one has a clue they're in the amount of trouble they're in. Everyone but Brent and Whitney plan to throw the HOH to Tiffany, Claire, or Sarah Beth and let them put up Brent and Whitney with Brent as the big target. Alyssa now has Christian and Xavier on board with that plan also, so if Brent or Whitney don't win HOH this week, they're in big trouble. Derek F is the standby target should one of those two come down. I'm not sure if Britini knows the plan or not, but I'm not sure if Britini knows where she is much of the time, so that's understandable. Britini may end up making the jury largely because I'm not sure anyone considers her a threat.


Today should be another quiet day in the house. They may start taping the goodbye messages for Frenchie/Britini. Frenchie is begging them to make them nice as his kids will be watching. BB typically asks for two goodbye messages for each potential evictee, one nice and one not as nice. They then decide which one to air. Britini continues to annoy everyone with slight variations of her "Roses are red" goodbye message.


Frenchie continues to hope for a reprieve from America. He insists he won't be part of a battle back and would walk out of the hotel if they tried to do that. (Yeah, sure he would. I'm betting he's secretly praying there's a battle back.) We'll see if Julie teases him any on Thursday or is nice to him. Frenchie played a frantic style of game and blew up his own game in the process


Lockdown will likely start today as they prepare the yard for Thursday's HOH comp. Then the goodbye messages, redoing any DR segments that are outdated or weren't good enough. Especially those for Wednesday's show. (One of Frenchie's DRs On Sunday's show was supposedly taped before the Wild Card comp but had his hat already paint-stained so it was clearly filmed after the Wild card comp in a redo of his earlier DR session.


The house is largely all getting along right now. They have a plan (evict Frenchie, then Brent and Whitney), and barring anything interrupting that plan, they're just cruising along and enjoying life in the old BB house. There aren't a lot of volatile players in the house this year. Tiffany might have the most potential to explode if/when nominated, and maybe Derek F. The rest are all pretty mellow and calm. We'll find out more about Whitney and her handling of being nominated in the near future.


It should be a quiet day in the house today. Frenchie is still in "I can't believe America isn't saving me" mode. He's convinced the ratings will take a nosedive when he's off the show. Watching him at the end-of-season reunion show should be interesting. I'm thinking he may be a wee bit more humble by then. You just know he's praying they ask him back for the next All-Star season. 


I'll be keeping an eye on what little feeds they're showing us this year in case anything breaks, but yesterday was an especially bad day for the feeds. Sunday was pretty good, but Monday was pretty nearly constant interruptions for long stretches at a time. CBS handles the feeds horribly these days. They're so afraid of criticism from the social media loonies that they try to stop anything that could be considered sensitive from airing, but everything is considered sensitive by someone. If nothing else they should install a mute button so instead of totally killing the feeds they could just mute the conversations they don't want us to hear.


Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!