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Re: 07/16/2022 Big Brother 24 Live Feed Spoilers and Updates!!!

@Etoile308 wrote:

Makes you wonder if he's ever seen the show before.

Yeah, It would be interesting to see them cast all BB experts to play the game sometime. The big challenge of course would be getting them in the house as no one who knows the game wants to be the first person in as that's a cursed spot. In 23 seasons the first one in has never won. You'd spend all summer with all sixteen houseguests standing back and not daring to enter the BB house and Julie out there trying to desperately push someone, anyone in.


Sixteen people would be out there saying, "After you. No after you, I insist. No. I'm not going in first. You go in. No." It would get messy, but at least you'd have no one doing something stupid like volunteering to be a pawn. 

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