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Re: Who is setting Prices?

In my opinion, the prices on clothing have risen too sharply...especially on SG's clothing. A polyester top is now $50.00? That's ridiculous. If QVC sets the pricing, then they need to go back and gain a reality check.....what store charges almost $60.00 for a poly top??

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Re: Who is setting Prices?

You can get the same quality tops at TJ Maxx for under $20.

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Re: Who is setting Prices?

@kaydee50 wrote:

@Whatnow  Check out lunchtime specials, clearance, as is.  There is nothing I need or like so well that I would pay $60+ for a simple polyester top.



I agree that even their lunchtime specials and clearance items are often still too much in my opinion.  That being said, I recently snagged a Denim & Co top for $13 and a H by Halston top for $15 from QVC.  Sometimes I get lucky like that.  But even at those prices, QVC still probaby makes a profit, so it makes you wonder how much the mark up really is.

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Re: Who is setting Prices?

  Qvc prices have skyrocked but things are going on sale much faster now than before. Almost like B&M. A few weeks at full prices and then marked down.