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Please stop with the fake wine for the hosts.  I have nothing against wine but sitting holding a glass and pretending is silly.  It's getting old. 

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@IandW    How do you know it's fake?  These daily wine posts are getting old.  Just ignore it. 

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QVC sells wine, it makes sense they would use it as a prop in various presentations, to me.


It's in 'Sales 101'......

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@Kachina624  Again, you just crack me up Smiley Happy

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@IandW REALLY? FAKE WINE? WOW  Where did you get this earthshaking information LOL

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I agree


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good grief!

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As I said to another poster, hosts could carry around mini kegs and I wouldn't care. 


I'd need wine if I had to talk about most of the products aired.


The odds are that it's fake wine....just like every other tv show.